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Karen Eilbeck

Title: Professor
College: Medicine
School / Department: Biomedical Informatics
Mentoring Philosophy:

The lab performs bioinformatics research. We are interested in using aspects of computer science to address contemporary genomics and molecular biology questions, with a focus on precision medicine. We are interested in the management and analysis of biological data using bioinformatics techniques. The biological sciences are data intensive but how the data is organized affects how well it can be analyzed and shared with the community. Ontologies are used to standardize and structure the data to make it more amenable to analysis and allow the user community to communicate with each other using the same language. An ontology is a description of our knowledge about a subject. It contains the classes of the data and the relationships that hold between them. The focus of the lab is to develop ontologies and ontology-enabled software to enhance biological research—doing so is essential for analyzing and managing the kinds of genomic and biological data that exist today.