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Kanokwan “Mandy” Bunsawat

Title: Research Assistant Professor
College: Medicine
School / Department: Internal Medicine
Mentoring Philosophy:

My mentoring philosophy is to create an inclusive and safe environment that promotes learning, curiosity, creativity, confidence, a sense of identity, productivity, and collaboration. To reinforce inclusivity and representation, I am committed to providing hands-on research mentoring and open-door policy that facilitate scientific and professional development discussions that are transparent, flexible, collegial, and non-discriminatory. Through immersive and collaborative research environment, students will gain several important research and professional skills through key hands-on research activities that foster evidence-based learning and may enhance interest in biomedical research. To ensure accountability, I will meet with the student on a weekly basis to discuss goals, expectations, and progress, and will foster learning opportunities with my research team who will provide additional oversight on the daily basis.