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Joseph Kim

Title: Assistant Professor
College: Medicine
School / Department: Psychiatry
Mentoring Philosophy:

I believe in experiential learning and effective learning through assignment of clear roles, priorities, and goal-setting. As part of the mentoring experience, in the very beginning of the SPURS program, we will set clear timeline and goals complete with prioritizations. Student will also be encouraged to be present in as many aspect of the research process as possible. This means the student is welcome to be present in any research related meeting that I will be attending - assuming consent from other parties involved in said meetings.

In anticipation of Student's presentation at the OUR meeting, I will work directly with the student to help them practice their presentation skills with other research lab members present as "practice" audience.

Furthermore, Student will participate in weekly lab meetings and a separate one on one weekly supervision/mentorship meeting to help track progress and troubleshoot barriers to making progress toward their goals.