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José Gutiérrez

Title: Assistant Professor
College: Education
School / Department: Education, Culture & Society
Mentoring Philosophy:

Mentoring Resources and Philosophy:
Dr. Gutiérrez is the PI for the project and will oversee all aspects of research and mentoring. Dr. Gutiérrez has vast experience working with undergraduate mentees, starting from his early days in academia as a PhD student participating in UC Berkeley’s Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program. The student will also have regular access to the three other co-PIs with different areas of expertise and mentoring experience. Drs. Cynthia Benally and Kēhaulani Vaughn are faculty in the Department of Education, Culture & Society, and Dr. Charles Sepulveda is faculty in the Department of Ethnic Studies. As a team, we share a profound commitment to student mentoring and a vision of community-based approaches to research and teaching; thus, we’ll work tirelessly to provide as much support as possible to our undergraduate student researcher.

Specific mentoring activities:
The student will attend weekly one-to-one meetings with professor José Gutiérrez to set weekly goals and go over specific qualitative research techniques such as memo writing, cataloging and reducing data, and coding. Additionally, the student will attend regular group meetings with other members of the research team to collaboratively analyze data, refine codes/categories, discuss and build theory, and write manuscripts for publication. The four faculty members working on this project have broad areas of expertise and will attend team meetings to assist with the mentoring and analysis of the materials.