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Jennifer Andrus

Title: Associate Professor
College: Humanities
School / Department: Writing & Rhetoric Studies
Mentoring Philosophy:

My mentoring philosophy is organized around 3 mentorship ideals.

First, I believe in modeling- hands-on, co-interaction with the PI (and in some cases, other more advanced researchers) at every stage of research. I believe the student should work side-by-side with the PI, doing what they do and at the same time, getting direct and specific modeling and feedback. We will work together on interview protocols, conducting interviews, and writing a paper together.

Second, I believe in autonomy-I believe in students working on their own, away from other researchers. The student then uses the knowledge gained from working directly with other researchers to work on portions of the project on their own, with the PI serving only as a guide and a reference. This freedom allows students to accomplish goals on their own and make mistakes on their own, learning how to manage both situations with grace. In particular, this student will create fliers, do literature review research, and write a literature review on their own.

Finally, I believe in feedback (on research and writing)-I give prompt and robust feedback. I am known for saying the hard things that must be said in order to improve a project, but I say them in a non-critical, helpful way. Feedback is a collaboration between the author/researcher and reader/mentor. It is a key part of learning. Feedback should be both curious and instructive.