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Jared Rutter

Title: Distinguished Professor
College: Medicine
School / Department: Biochemistry
Mentoring Philosophy:

In order to optimize organismal viability in diverse challenging situations, cells must constantly sample their nutrient, metabolic, and hormonal environment and adjust their behavior accordingly. Using a variety of model systems and experimental approaches, the Rutter laboratory aims to define the molecules and their interactions that enable robust and responsive cellular metabolic control.

The Rutter laboratory is interested in discovering new ways to understand metabolism and how it integrates with cell behavior. We are currently exploring two central areas. First, as much of metabolic control is enacted at the level of mitochondria—in ways that are mostly not understood—we initiated a project to functionally annotate the eukaryotic mitochondrial proteome. To date, this effort has elucidated the genetic basis of two human diseases and several fundamental mitochondrial functions. Second, we are leveraging this knowledge to explore the connection between metabolism and cellular behaviors. Specifically, we want to determine how alterations in distinct metabolic pathways can impact cell fate decisions both in discrete stem cell niches as well as in human diseases such as cancer and heart failure. To facilitate this undertaking we are developing several experimental and computational platforms for the identification and characterization of novel features of metabolism.