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Haohan Zhang

Title: Assistant Professor
College: Engineering
School / Department: Mechanical Engineering
Mentoring Philosophy:

The PI will be straightforward with the student and make himself available as much as possible. The PI will clearly describe the research and expectation at the beginning of the program.

The PI will provide the student a desk and a computer for work. The PI will assign a graduate student to closely work with the student. The PI will meet with the student weekly to closely supervise the progress made towards the research goal. Additionally, the student is welcome to schedule other times to meet with the PI to discuss research or other personal needs.

The student is expected to write a short progress report (half-page) weekly to inform the research progress and challenges he/she may be facing. This rapid communication allows the PI to help the student to find solutions or adjust the project appropriately. Additionally, the student is expected to make short presentation bi-weekly during the PI research group meeting. This helps improve the student's communication skills and also provide an opportunity for the entire research to provide critical feedback.

The PI and the graduate student mentor will periodically provide learning tutorials and toy problems to the student as needed. Some examples can be found on PI's website. This will help the student to gain self-learning skills and provide him/her with steppingstones towards solving harder problems.