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George Vega Yon

Title: Research Assistant Professor
College: Medicine
School / Department: Internal Medicine
Mentoring Philosophy:

As a mentor, I work hard to build a safe and inclusive environment where those I work with feel empowered to learn and express themselves without prejudice. I provide many opportunities for my mentees to learn new skills, ask for guidance, and participate in the creation process. When needed, I provide one-on-one lectures to complement my collaborators' knowledge and skillset (regardless they are students or not!.) I actively give career guidance and, if the opportunity arises, chances to build networks across industry and academia. During the first few weeks, my collaborator and I will work actively together while we set up the research and software development plan. As the project progresses, my co-author should expect to acquire more independence in developing the software programming activities so that they can test their newly acquired knowledge. I would continuously review their work with weekly progress evaluations. Communication will be frequent through email, video conference, GitHub, and, if possible, in person. The mentee will have the opportunity (and funding) to participate in an international scientific conference to showcase their work as a poster or a presentation. Three potential venues during the mentorship program are the International Network of Social Networks conference (INSNA's Sunbelt,) the Networks conference (joint between INSNA and the Network Science Society,) and the UseR! Conference.