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Erin McGlade

Title: Research Associate Professor
College: Medicine
School / Department: Psychiatry
Mentoring Philosophy:

Dr. McGlade is a Clinical Psychologist whose research focuses on brain differences in females compared to males. She seeks to better understand sex differences in psychiatric symptoms through the use of clinical interviews, neuropsychological assessments, standardized symptom measures, and neuroimaging. Her primary work is on sex differences in brain development of adolescents and young adults, suicide risk in adolescents, and suicide prevention in female veterans.


I am the Associate Director of the Diagnostic Neuroimaging Lab’s postdoctoral fellowship and the Associate Director of our APPIC-approved postdoctoral fellowship at the VA. I am passionate about education and enabling interested students to seek a career in research. Training in our programs is based on a sequential and cumulative process that is graded in complexity. Students arrive to our lab at different levels and places in their educational and professional development. We believe it is important to meet each student at their individual level so that they are not frustrated or unable to complete the work they undertake. Initial discussions with the student would focus on their prior experience to identify their interests and goals in order to tailor their research experience. We would identify which areas they would like to focus on for the greatest growth and additional areas that would require less intensive emphasis. This information helps us develop a plan focused on the student’s interests and goals both for the summer and longer term. The student would receive mentorship from myself and from other staff and faculty in our lab, ensuring that they get a diverse range of perspectives and expertise. The student will have more direct-contact time with faculty/staff in the lab in the beginning of the summer and graduate to supervised independence as the weeks pass and they are more comfortable with the research tasks and studies. The student would also be invited to our other mentoring activities, including U of U and VA lab meetings and didactics.