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Ed Muñoz

Title: Associate Professor
College: Cultural & Social Transformation
School / Department: Ethnic Studies
Mentoring Philosophy:
As a faculty of color research mentoring is an important aspect of my career responsibilities as it is a way that I try to give back to marginalized communities. I do work with all students, but the majority of my mentees have been students of color most often recruited through my Sociology, Criminology, and Ethnic Studies courses. I believe my similar background and worldview with most students of color are definitely a strength. However, sometimes this is a weakness as my mentees, sometimes, believe I should provide added individual assistance in developing research skills, and/or more leniency with previously agreed upon project deadlines. While I do treat each mentee differently, whether a student of color or not, our collaborative relationship is dictated by a mentee's individual skill set, and even more so, by our paired research interest. Because of the latter, it is essential that our collaborative communication is open and frank from the beginning so that both you and I more effectively reach our desired and expected outcomes.
Bi-weekly in-person and/or Zoom meetings will entail:
Develop Semester Plan; Annotated Bibliography-5/22
Literature Review Draft; Data Management-5/29
Revise Literature Review; Data Analysis-6/5
Data and Methods Draft; Research Findings-6/12
Revise Data and Methods; Draft Research Findings-6/19
Revise Research Findings; Implications and Limitations-6/26
Draft Implications and Limitations; Project Presentation-7/5
Revise Implications and Findings; Draft Project Presentation-7/10
Final Draft; Revise Project Presentation-7/17
Practice Presentation; Draft Journal Submission; Discuss Final Report-7/24
Presentation; Final Report-7/31