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David Grainger

Title: Distinguished Professor
College: Engineering
School / Department: Biomedical Engineering
Mentoring Philosophy:

Grainger's expertise lies in innovating materials in medicine, including applications to improving medical devices, medical diagnostic assays, drug delivery, surface coatings, surgical infection, and host-implant rejection. He uses many types of molecular and cellular methods, surface analytical tools, polymer materials chemistry, cell, molecular and microbiology. He has extensive experience with industrial product R&D in the medical device and diagnostic industries.

Research Areas:

• Drug delivery systems and novel formulation strategies
• Polymeric biomaterials
• Antimicrobial medical devices, infection and bacterial colonization
• Nucleic acid and protein microarray diagnostics
• Macrophage interactions with biomaterials and the foreign body response
• Novel live vaccine and protein delivery
• Bioanalytical sensing and device miniaturization
• Surface analysis