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Crystal Lumpkins

Title: Associate Professor
College: Humanities
School / Department: Communication
Mentoring Philosophy:

In addition to the summer research program support, the student will receive feedback on individually assigned projects that will include but not limited to one-on-one meetings with the Principal Investigator. These meetings would occur every 2 weeks and are in addition to research team meetings. The PI would also invite the student to at least one Cancer Control Population meeting within Huntsman to observe and complete an objectives and goals plan at the beginning of the program to assess goals of the program and the successful completion of the summer research opportunity with the PI (Principal Investigator). It is the goal of the PI to provide an opportunity that is both intellectually stimulating but also a guided experience that includes mentoring from the PI but also other research team members and community members. The student will also walk away with (1) a completed writing research project and (2) experience that contributes to the development of communication risk strategies for African American and Black immigrant populations within the area and a greater understanding of public health communication research overall.