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Cory Inman

Title: Assistant Professor
College: Social & Behavioral Science
School / Department: Psychology
Mentoring Philosophy:

As a mentor in the laboratory, my job is to provide a collaborative environment where I can scaffold opportunities for mentees to learn, while still providing space and support for independence when applying their knowledge to specific research projects. During graduate school and my two postdocs, I have been privileged to mentor brilliant high school, undergraduate, and graduate students with diverse backgrounds and interests ranging from an independent high school student to biomedical and electrical engineers to M.D./Ph.D. students in philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience. In particular, I've directly supervised four students completing honors theses. One is now pursuing a Ph.D. at Cambridge, one is studying to work in the neurology field, and one completed a Master's degree in Education at Harvard. Based on these in-depth mentorship experiences, I've grown to recognize that individual students learn, attend, and are motivated in different ways and that the types of support required evolve throughout training. I love the challenge and continual growth that accompanies mentoring students. I often grow just as much from mentoring as the student grows from learning. Students can expect to meet with me every week in a variety of meetings, including individual meetings at project milestones. They can expect candid conversations about my career path and encouraged interactions with all lab trainees.