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Christopher Depner

Title: Assistant Professor
College: Health
School / Department: Health, Kinesiology, & Recreation
Mentoring Philosophy:

The overarching aims of Dr. Depner's research program are to: 1) identify mechanisms underlying adverse metabolic risk associated with insufficient sleep and circadian disruption; and 2) develop precision medicine based countermeasures that integrate nutrition, and sleep and circadian physiology to improve cardiometabolic health. Dr. Depner's current work is focused on using metabolomics and proteomics to develop biomarkers of sleep and circadian health in humans to identify potential biochemical mechanisms perturbed by poor sleep and circadian health, and to identify individuals most likely to benefit from sleep and circadian based countermeasures. Dr. Depner's research team utilizes research protocols ranging from highly controlled human clinical translational research studies in the sleep lab to "real-world" field studies, with an effort to enhance translation by integrating robust laboratory measures with "real-world" monitoring.