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Anne Jamison

Title: Professor
College: Humanities
School / Department: English
Mentoring Philosophy:

The student will be mentored by an interdisciplinary team, including Professor Anne Jamison, an expert on fanfiction, Professor Kate Isaacs, an expert on data visualization, Professor Marina Kogan, an expert on social computing, and John Gordon, program manager of the SCI-HUM Initiative. We value different perspectives of our colleagues and encourage the student to take advantage of them as well as contribute their own.

The student will have reserved time twice weekly with the mentoring team to discuss project activities, provide feedback, and advise both towards the project and research and career options in general. The student is also invited to meet informally with any mentor between the established scheduled meeting times. They will be seated among research students at the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute (SCI Institute), close to the majority of the mentoring team.

We encourage students to take ownership of the project and propose their own ideas and technologies. The mentoring team will suggest possible technologies and related resources for study. Together with the student, we will collaboratively and iteratively guide project work.

The student will further be included in regular group meetings with the project mentors' research groups and the research groups' asynchronous chat platforms (e.g., Slack). These avenues provide an opportunity to practice communicating research and to receive diverse feedback. We will also encourage the student to participate in informal and non-research activities during the summer as we believe that students gain a lot through the relationships they develop with peers.