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Anandh Babu Pon Velayutham

Title: Associate Professor
College: Health
School / Department: Nutrition & Integrative Physiology
Mentoring Philosophy:

I believe one of the best equalities as a mentor is to create an environment that motivates the mentee to learn and provides a place where the mentee can immerse themselves in the research project. The environment should also build confidence in the mentee so that they can better express themselves regardless of their level of mastery. I believe enthusiasm and constant encouragement will create such an environment. My central goal is to empower the mentee in their education by providing exciting research opportunities. In my research, I aim to evoke excitement of discovery and achievement.

As my teaching load is minimal, I devote the necessary time to training and directing individual members of the laboratory. I have no teaching obligation in summer and I am free to devote 100% effort for research projects and mentoring in summer. I interact with the individual on a daily basis to review data, address research questions, and design future experiments. This is complemented with a weekly two-hour interdepartmental lab meeting, where a student makes a formal presentation of his/her current or proposed work, which fosters critical thinking and interaction between lab members and develops their communication skills.