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Amy Lenz

Title: Research Instructor
College: Medicine
School / Department: Orthopaedics
Mentoring Philosophy:

My goals as a research faculty are to: 1) create insightful curiosity for orthopaedic biomechanics research through my style of mentorship, 2) help students develop their own way to arrive at successful research accomplishments, 3) inspire students to push through the difficult frustrations of research and continue to ask manageable research questions. I am a nurturing mentor that does not want to micromanage but let creative exploration of research occur while providing clear expectations. As a mentor, I strive to pick up on the soft signs and body language when students are lost. I always encourage students to feel comfortable asking questions and highlight that all questions are excellent. I have a "Lenz Lab" slack account in which I encourage frequent networking within our research group (aka asking other students in the lab questions, as well as reaching out directly to me). We have weekly lab meetings, so that all students are aware of what other students are working on. This promotes collaborative work, sharing of knowledge and helpful troubleshooting.