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Amanda Bakian

Title: Research Associate Professor
College: Medicine
School / Department: Psychiatry
Mentoring Philosophy:

Bakian's expertise in statistics and epidemiology puts her in a strong position to mentor undergraduate students in the design and analysis of individual- and ecologic-level studies assessing the relationship between ambient air pollution and risk of psychiatric outcomes. She can provide guidance throughout the experimental design process from hypothesis development and data acquisition/preparation to data analysis and interpretation. Bakian has gained extensive mentoring experience participating on graduate student committees (4), mentoring Department of Psychiatry research staff (>10), and serving as the formal mentor to a junior faculty member. Her hands-on approach encourages mentees to distill and articulate their interests and develop ideas and projects; at the same time, she directs them to essential data and analytical resources. She strives to create a team environment inclusive of faculty, staff, and students, so that mentees benefit from input from senior researchers as well as peers.