2021 Virtual Undergraduate Research Symposium

The Office of Undergraduate Research welcomes you!  University of Utah undergraduate researchers and their mentors have made it happen again! Congratulations to all for their hard work, dedication and perseverance!

Visitors, please browse the links below to learn about the University of Utah's undergraduate research projects through posters, oral presentations, performances, and visual arts. Don't forget to email students at the addresses provided to ask questions and to congratulate them for their excellent work!

(If you encounter any issues while viewing a presentation, please email c.greaves@utah.edu)

Students listed by College of Faculty Mentor:


Poster #1: Ardyn Ford - An Analysis of the Gender Gap in Utah Politics

Oral #45: Drew Kiel - How Branding Influences Our Willingness to Pay for Necessity Products

Cultural & Social Transformation

Poster #155: Alyssia Blackburn - The Language of Police Brutality: A Thematic Analysis

Poster #156: Cierra Colombini - Transforming Barriers to Success of NA/AN-NH/PI STEM Students

Poster #157: Rosemary Fifita - COVID-19 Amongst Pacific Islanders in Utah

Poster #2: Heather Graham - Literacy and Representation in the LGBTQIA+ Communities

Poster #3: Erin Hernandez - Domestic Workers in Utah

Poster #158: Sierra Holmes - Visioning Gender in a Post-Abolition After-life

Poster #159: Kelsey Maltby - Inclusive Education: Possibilities and Limitations

Performance #12: Katherine Nielson - I Gig, You Gig: Operating in a Ride-Share Capacity as a Woman of Color

Poster #4: Stu Nolan - Cancel Culture, Controversy, and Crickets

Poster #59: Sohyun Park - Marketing for Gender-Based Violence Consortium

Poster #160: Stephanie Ponce - Dental Care Access within the Latinx Community in Utah


Poster #5: Matthew Hesterman - HDV and HBV Incidence in the State of Utah (1999-2018)


Poster #6: Alex Chee - Preschool Children's Storytelling and Dramatization

Oral #1: Alessandra Cipriani-Detres - The Fight for Diversity: Marketing Diversity in Higher Education and its Misleading Impacts on Incoming Students at the University of Utah

Poster #161: Camilla Flores - Effectiveness of translanguaging pedagogical strategies on secondary and Spanish-speaking newcomers

Poster #7: Kayla Kelsey - A Case Study of a Kindergarten Teacher Focusing on Increasing Student Engagement in an Urban School Setting

Poster #8: Elizabeth Porter - Supporting the Entire System: Mindfulness-Based Practice and Social Emotional Learning for Educators to Reduce Burnout

Poster #9: Alexandra Taylor - Young Children's Interest, Engagement Level, and Science Vocabulary Knowledge

Oral #2: Kalei Tuitupou - Pacific Islanders and Black Lives Matter: Understanding the concept of Solidarity in the Diaspora

Poster #10: Chris Wallace-Carrete - Faculty Perspectives on the Exceptional Educational Experience


Poster #11: Tyler Bodily - Incubator DPC for Cancer Growth Measurement and DPC + Darkfield Microscope

Poster #12: Laura Brannan - Inference Over Web-Based Knowledge Representations with Applications in Healthcare Robotics

Poster #13: Katrina Cernucan - Effect of Off-the-Shelf Insoles on Static Balance

Poster #14: Mitchell Child - High-Temperature Castable Ceramic Insulation for use in Aerospace Applications

Poster #15: Alex Christensen - Modeling Primary B Cell Growth with an Exponential + Constant Model

Poster #162: Courtney Cookson - Preventing Bacteria Growth on Ear Ventilation Tubes via Microtextured Surfaces

Oral #3: Christopher de Freitas - Twitter and Revolutionary Discourse in Ukraine’s Euromaidan Revolution

Poster #16: James Ehlers - Dynamic Rheological Properties of Mouse Vitreous

Poster #17: Andrew Falkowski - Castable, Ceramic Insulation for Aerospace Applications

Poster #18: Alex Farley -  The development of electrophysiological activity in human brain organoids

Oral #4: Aashish Gottipati - BoTM: Basestation-on-the-move, a Radio Access Network Management Primitive

Poster #19: Gursirat Grewal - Improved Upper-Limb Prostheses Control

Poster #20: Alex Hamrick - Hyperspectral Image Recovery from Image Sensor Data Using Neural Networks

Poster #21: Madison Hansen - Virus Detection using Screen-Printed Carbon Electrodes

Poster #22: Nathan Hansen - Microwell Based Digital Growth Assays for Studying Cell-to-Cell Heterogeneity in Growth

Poster #23: Sam Hirsch - Optimizing C kernel functions with compiler-level transformations

Poster #24: Ben Huenemann - Dependency Slogger

Poster #26: Michael Jarzin Jr. - Epidemiological Modeling of SARS-CoV-2 in Wastewater

Poster #27: Michael Keyser - Investigating Curvature Induced Circumferential Drifts to Improve the 3D Reconstruction of a Deployed Stent

Poster #28: Olivia Lam - Development of PV Testing Apparatus Using 3D Printing Techniques

Poster #29: Katrina Le - Buckle Up: Instantaneous Buckling of Polydimethylsiloxane

Poster #30: Ian McCollough - High-Temperature Castable Ceramic Insulation for use in Aerospace Applications

Poster #31: Kevin Ngo - Calibration of digital holographic microscope for comparative study of quantitative phase microscopy systems

Oral #5: Cole Perschon - Structural Rounding on Parameterized Classes using Heuristics

Poster #32: Pranav Rajan - Integrating Origraph into Multinet: Aggregation for Multivariate Networks

Oral #6: Alex Rinn - Numerical Simulation of Porous Media with Embedded Fracture Patterns

Poster #33: Audrey Rubart - Numerical Simulation of Electromagnetic Ionosphere Disturbances Detecting Earthquake Activity

Poster #34: Isabelle Schlegel - Peptide-Antibody Conjugates to Treat Macular Degeneration

Oral #7: Travis Seamons - From Mold to Insulin: Q Circuits in Bacteria

Poster #36: Stephanie Smith - Creating an Effective Hot-Melt Adhesive from Biological Components

Poster #37: Annie Staker - Sparse Dominating Sets: Solution Size versus Average Congestion

Poster #38: Alex Stevens - Establishing Methods for Evaluating Biomechanical Properties of Vascular Tissue

Poster #39: Sona Torosyan - Compiler and Runtime Support for HAMTs

Oral #8: Taos Transue - The AHJ Registry: Gamifying Governance

Poster #40: Samantha Vranes - The Effect of Inhibiting Receptors for Advanced Glycation End Products in Hemodialysis Fistulas

Poster #41: R.T. Williams - Improving Heat Exchanger Performance with Supercritical Carbon Dioxide

Fine Arts

Oral #9: Alan Chavez - Oral History of the University of Utah Prep Division

Visual Arts #1: Nate Francis - In Place: A Study of Loneliness in Utah's Landscapes

Performance #1: Beth Kearsley - 360

Oral #10: Adrienne Krueger - The Commune in Commodities: Bruno Braquehais's Photographs of the Paris Commune of 1871

Performance #2: Abigail Raasch - Movement for Actors: Practice, Performance, & Collaboration

Performance #3: Duke Ross - OSARU-CHAN

Oral #11: Paige Stephenson - Power and Patronage: A Study of Female Leaders in Early Italian Courts


Oral #12: Yousef Alamri - Simulating the human compound action potential elicited by clicks, chirps, amplitude modulated carriers

Poster #42: Josh Chang - Correlation Between Cognitive Performance and Objective and Subjective Sleepiness During Insufficient Sleep

Poster #43: Hannah DeShazer - Role of Microrna-146a Deficiency on Muscle Atrophy and Regrowth in Mice

Poster #44: Tyler Drummond - Effects of STEM on Aged Skeletal Muscle Mass and Function

Poster #45: Jaxon Elggren - The Role of Insufficient Sleep on Timing of Energy Intake

Oral #13: Nima Fatahian - Defining the Role of p62 in the Regulation of Redox Homeostasis in the Aging Heart

Poster #46: Ashley Flores - Survey of Pediatric Audiologists on their Use of Loudness Perception Measures

Poster #47: Elle Gaudette - The Association of Dizziness with Physiological and Balance Deficits

Poster #48: Serena Jones - Effects of Voluntary Wheel Running on Muscle Recovery and its Mechanisms

Poster #49: Ashlee McBride - The Effects of Mobility-Related Anxiety and a Common Dual Task on Turning Kinematics: A Virtual Reality Study

Poster #50: Landon Needham - Does Weekend Recovery Sleep Improve Cognition in Individuals who Obtain Insufficient Sleep during the Workweek

Poster #51: Loren Nelson - Effects of Auditory Distractors on Speech Recognition and Listening Effort in Adults

Oral #14: Tessa Petersell - The Association between Neurocognitive Testing and Reactive Balance in Collegiate Athletes

Poster #52: Catherine Poggio - A Survey Of Qualitative Research On Experiences Within Women’s Health Throughout A Person’s Lifetime: Focus on Menstruation

Poster #53: Jacob Razzouk - Are Warnings In Spanish More Effective Among Spanish Speakers? An Experimental Study Comparing English, Spanish, and Dual-Language Warnings On E-Cigarette Advertisements

Oral #15: Claire Rogers - Balance Recovery to Improve Clinical Concussion Protocol

Poster #54: Nikita Rogers, Maisie Bryant, Adrian Portillo - Adaptive Music Technologies for People with Upper Limb Extremity Limitations

Poster #55: Justinas Sapiega - Identification of a Stable Human Metabolomics-Based Biomarker of Insufficient Sleep

Oral #16: Sophie Stephens - Identifying primary cells adherent to the arterial sheath of patients undergoing left-heart catheterization

Poster #56: Cameron Stukel - Cognitive Issues and Abnormal Balance Following Concussion: A Clinical Pilot Study Using EEG

Poster #57: Marisa Zanetti, Carleigh Ashnault, Andrew Goaslind, Savannah Good - Therapeutic Uses of Robotic and Animatronic Animals for Children with Autism


Performance #4: Charlie Barth - Journey to the West as Reconstructed from the Notes of a Serious Man

Performance #5: Natalie Colby - Reading from Novel in Progress

Oral #17: Hailey Danielson - If I Should Die Before I Wake - Excerpt Reading

Performance #6: Katerina Excell - Crystal Knowledge

Performance #7: Tervela Georgieva - You Miss One Hundred Percent of the Shots

Performance #8: Nicholas Goudsmit - Margou

Performance #9: Ryan Racinez - Immortal

Performance #10: Madeika Vercella - On Being a One Percenter


Oral #19: Charlie Barth - Construction of Space and Time Through Sound in Paradise Lost

Oral #20: Riley Bunderson - Ludotemporality

Oral #21: Kate Button - Car Fetishization in Hollywood Films: A Tragedy of the Commons

Poster #58: Alexis Davidson - Pompeii's Gladiator Image and Artifact Database

Oral #22: Emmalee Ellis - The Validity of Literary Representations of Epidemic Illness in the 20th Century

Oral #23: Liam Hammons - The Lovecraftian Chronotope: A Formalist Critique of "At the Mountains of Madness"

Oral #24: Samuel Mann - Gendered Language in Joseph Smith's Revision of the New Testament

Performance #11: Hannah Slind - Paper or Plastic

Poster #60: Zachary Srivastava - Ethical Decision Making and Intuition

LEAP - Visit the leap showcase


Oral #25: Andy Barbee - The Correlation between Physical Activity and BMI Scores With Depression Amongst Law School Students

Oral #26: Isaac Bell - Development of a Novel Anti-Biofilm Polyurethane Foam for use in Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

Poster #61: Alex Billings - Pupillary Light Reflexes in Postural Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS): An Exploratory Analysis

Poster #62: Taylor Boyd - Homeostatic Plasticity in the Retina in Inherited Eye Disease

Poster #63: Audrey Brown - Generating consensus functional maps of sensory input to glomeruli of the mouse olfactory bulb

Poster #64: Constance Caparas - The Effects of Maternal Immune Activation on Innate Lymphoid Cells in Murine Small Intestine

Poster #163: Erin Carroll - The Effects of Social Isolation on Mouse Mating, Behavior, and Mouse USVs

Oral #27: Emma Christensen - Effect of Pelvic Positioning and Measurement Method on Anterior Center Edge Angle

Poster #65: Abby Citterman - Low Frequencies Improve Intensity Discrimination for Low-Cost, Non-Invasive Electrocutaneous Stimulation

Poster #66: Jenny Echeverria - Sleep and Depression in Manual Material Handlers and Truck Drivers

Poster #67: Bree French - Neuritis Pain and Porcine Models

Poster #68: Nadia Ganom - Effects of DHA on Brain Inflammation after Controlled Cortical Impact in Male Rat Pups

Poster #164: Anna Garcia - Dignified Care: An analysis of Emergency Medicine’s prioritization of understanding racism within the field

Oral #28: Gauri Garg - Physical Activity and Nutrition with White Matter Hyperintensity Disease

Poster #69: Aleah Griffin - Investigating the Effects of Maternal Immune Activation on Early Lung Immune Cell Establishment

Poster #70: Olivia Haddadin - Species Differences in Retinal Aii Connectivity

Oral #29: Molly Hanrahan - Short-term medical missions: A tool for understanding damaging practices, best practices, and program evaluation

Poster #71: Hyonoo Joo - Using Phage & Antibiotic Combinations to Treat Dual-Species Biofilms

Poster #72: Palmer Lee-Mesa - Effect of notum on Injured Zebrafish

Oral #30: Isaac Leyva-Cardenas - Live Imaging Analysis of Hepatic Stellate Cell Migration in Zebrafish Liver

Poster #73: Indigo Mason - Evaluating, implementing, and supporting adolescent sexual health programming at the University of Utah

Poster #74: Max Monson - Treatment of SCI Using MR-guided Focused Ultrasound

Poster #75: Erika Muhlrad - Standardized Coordinate Definitions for Foot and Ankle Biplane Fluoroscopy

Poster #76: Sonresa Ochoa-Vidales - Evolutionary Analyses of Mammalian Double Stranded RNA Binding Proteins

Poster #77: Amani Oumar - Effects of Inhibiting Advanced Glycation End Product Receptors (RAGE) on Arteriovenous Fistula (AVF) Maturation

Oral #31: Noelle Reimers - Exploring the Role of Lipid Metabolism in Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Poster #78: Sierra Scamfer - Understanding Pancreatic Acinar Cell Differentiation – Reprogramming Mouse Fibroblasts Using Acinar Transcription Factors

Poster #79: Emma Slominski - Role of Phase Correction in Transcranial MR-guided FUS

Poster #80: Forest Streeter - Deficiency in a Regulator of G-Protein Signaling, Loco, Protects D. melanogaster from Effects of a High Salt Diet

Poster #81: Kishan Thambu - Microproteins: A Comprehensive 3D Protein Structure Prediction Analysis

Poster #82: Anna Tidwell - Comparison of PAC Treatments Against Monomicrobial & Polymicrobial Biofilms

Poster #83: Erin Tracy - Investigating the role of bacterial strains from the neonatal gut on pancreatic on 𝜷-cell production

Oral #32: Julianna Tran - Physical Activity and Diet During the COVID-19 Lockdown

Poster #84: Zak Wankier - Validation of Loadsol Devices as a Tool to Assess Patient Ground Reaction Forces During Prescribed Physical Therapy

Mines & Earth Sciences

Poster #85: Erin Barry - Tracking Dust in the Southeast U.S. and Caribbean during the 2020 Saharan Dust Event

Oral #33: Savhannah Carpenter - Two new horned dinosaurs from the Campanian Wahweap Formation of Utah

Oral #34: Alex Dzubay - Modal Analysis and Resonant Frequency Monitoring of a Freestanding Rock Tower

Poster #86: Boe Ericksen - Searching for Lunar Interior heterogeneities though a complexity analysis of deep lunar moonquakes

Poster #87: Mallory Philliber - Red Butte Watershed Seasonal Streamflow and Evapotranspiration Partitioning

Poster #88: James Powell - Assessing Fire Weather Conditions for Utility Operations


Poster #89: Kylie Bethards - Analysis of AYA Cancer Patient Priority Symptoms Through Text Mining Software

Poster #90: Julianne Kimmel - Text Analysis of Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors in Adolescents and Young Adults

Poster #91: Melina Lewis - Pain Reports from Children with Cancer Through Mobile App, Color Me Healthy

Poster #92: Jenna Russo - Do Reproductive-Age Women Increase Their Physical Activity Levels in the First Four Weeks of the Diabetes Prevention Program?

Poster #93: Emily Topham - Caregiver Inclusion in IDEAL Discharge Teaching: Implications for Transitions from Hospital to Home 

Poster #94: Nellie Webb - Barriers & Parent Attitudes Regarding HPV Vaccination in the Rural Mountain West


Oral #35: Ayana Amaechi - Understanding Sex Differences in Pathological Aggression with a Mouse Model

Poster #95: Blair Armstrong - Lower Critical Solution Temperature Behavior of Elastin-like Fusion Protein

Poster #96: David Topham - Investigation of EGF effects on HER2 lysosomal accumulation


Poster #97: Bella Archibald - Human Mutations Linked to Epilepsy Alter Synaptic Vesicle Fusion in C. elegans

Poster #98: Matthew Baldwin - Bond Dissociation Energies of Transition Metal Chlorides

Poster #99: Tyler Ball - Symmetry Adapted Perturbation Theory (SAPT) as a Tool for Studying Non-Covalent Interactions

Oral #36: Charlie Barth - Quiver Representations, Gabriel's Theorem, and Applications in TDA

Poster #100: Julia Case - Symmetric Electrochemical Cells in Nonaqueous Organic Redox Flow Batteries - Applications for Longevity Study

Poster #101: Tayla Chiang - Changes in the peripheral olfactory circuit across the Drosophila phylogeny

Poster #102: Braxton Conrad - Why are babies born deficient? - Evolutionary reasoning to Vitamin K Deficiency Bleeding

Poster #165: Brooklyn Darby - Cell Migration Rates of In Vivo Conditions Compared to In Vitro Conditions

Poster #103: Trisha Pauline Enriquez - Substrate use within the Drosophila melanogaster subgroup

Poster #104: Lydia Fries - Computational Methods for Modeling Catalyst Systems

Poster #105: Ashton Jensen - Microtubule Stabilization to Treat Repeated Head Trauma

Poster #106: Annie Kendell - Alpha9 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors and the modulation of neuropathic pain in C57Bl/6J mice

Poster #107: Zahra Khan - Culturing the parasitic roundworm Heligmosomoides polygyrus

Poster #166: Samantha Kraus - Rate Profiling the Impact of Remote Functional Groups on the Redox-Relay Heck Reaction

Oral #37: Isaac Martin - F-signature bounds the number of torsion divisors in a strongly F-regular ring

Poster #108: Jenny Ngo - Current and voltage bias stress effects in chemical vapor deposition made perovskite photovoltaic devices

Poster #109: Bridget Phillips - Uncovering the Genetic Basis of Bull Eye Color in Domestic Pigeons

Poster #110: Laura Snelling - Predictive Modeling for the Cattle Crush Trading Strategy

Poster #111: Tobin Wainer - Star Cluster Mass Function Fitting Using Probabilistic Modeling

Oral #38: Dasha Walker - Inclusion and Sense of Belonging in Introductory Chemistry (CHEM 1210)

Social & Behavioral Science

Poster #151: Habibo Abdi - Prenatal Education on Congenital Cytomegalovirus (cCMV) Improves Knowledge on cCMV

Poster #112: Ashley Anderson - Intracranial Electrocorticographic Correlates of Intrinsic Brain Networks

Poster #113: Daniel Anderson - Stress Physiology in Response to Prolonged Periods in Nature

Poster #114: Alayna Arnholt - An Analysis on the Influence of Anxiety in Post Error Slowing

Poster #115: Dallas Blackburn - Inequitable Parental Participation in School Community Councils

Poster #152: Abel Chavez - Determining the Efficacy of Educational Interventions in Changing Pregnant Women’s Hygiene Behaviors to Prevent Congenital Cytomegalovirus (cCMV)

Poster #116: Colby Child - Neighborhood disparities in air pollution exposure at the US-Mexico border: The intersection of race/ethnicity and older age

Poster #117: Roarke Cullenbine - The Effects of Recreational Marijuana Legalization on Drug-related Crime: Evidence From Colorado, Oregon, and Washington

Poster #118: Connor Davis - Homophily Predicts Political Alliance Formation and Cooperative Behavior in the Utah State Legislature

Poster #119: Helen Dodson - Domestic/Intimate Partner Violence and Social Media use among college students

Poster #120: Camryn Ernst - A 5000 year Fire History for the Desert Playa Llanos de Kakiwi in Southern Baja, Mexico

Poster #121: Lyra Gills - Living While Alive: A Brief Proposal for Puerto Pirámides, Argentina, to Attain Blue Zone Project Community (BZPC) Status

Poster #122: Angel Griego - Understanding primary school children’s academic performance: canopy cover, pollution, and socio-demographic factors in Utah public schools.

Poster #123: Su Gwak - National Inferiority Complex Of Korea: The Influence Of Historical Experience And Han On The National Inferiority Complex

Poster #124: Savannah Kapp, Izabella Bourland - Birthing Seasonality in Baja California Sur, Mexico

Poster #125: Sydney Kitzmiller - Democratic and Republican disasters: What SARS, H1N1, Zika and Ebola epidemics teach us about public health politics in the United States

Poster #126: Miles Kovnick - Examination of the differences between suicide gestures and threats

Poster #167: Emilia Lewis - Range Expansion of Pinus edulis (Colorado pinyon): Early Colonization of the Northernmost North American Population, Crawford Mountains, Utah

Poster #127: Kasey Lindstrom - Bears Ears National Monument: A Critique on the Trump Administration's Abolishment of Federal Lands Protections

Poster #128: Syrenna Lisonbee - Living Allyship: How Perceived Allyship of Their Co-Residents Predicts LGBT Individuals’ Well-Being

Poster #129: Kyra Mann - Microplastic Water Pollution Spanning the Wild Land to Urban Gradient of Red Butte Creek, Salt Lake City, Utah

Poster #168: Carrie Marsh - Using Water Purification Devices in Group International Study Abroad Travel to Reduce Single-Use Plastic Water Bottle Use

Poster #130: Tyla Meadows - When anger fades, other negative emotions come to the surface.

Poster #131: Ishmael Medina - Ancient Maize Agriculture in Utah’s 3 Physiographic Provinces

Poster #132: McKenzie Millet - Community-based and Global Health Research

Poster #133: Rachel Morse - Subjective Motivation's Role on the Error-Related Negativity

Poster #134: Hannah Mundinger - Does Big Data Necessitate a Shift of Normative Research Ethics?

Poster #135: Aliza Murad - Understanding State-Level Judicial Review Under the Roberts’ Court

Oral #39: Shelby Murdock - Analysis Of Live Discharge By Disease Type

Poster #136: Jamie Nakano - Cross-Cultural Negative Health Outcomes of War

Oral #40: Cullen O'Brien - Adapting Stuart Hall's Framework of Socio-Political Hegemony to Internet Enviroments

Oral #41: Kyanna Orr, Zachary Ta - Sleep, Diet, and Physical Activity in the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Qualitative Analysis

Poster #137: Kristy Parajuli - Perceptions of the COVID-19 Vaccine Among Underserved Populations

Poster #138: Epiphany Pecchia-Bekkum - Analysis of Ruthenium Contamination on Pollen Structure: A Case Study from Williams Lake, Washington

Poster #139: Alyssa Phillips - Guilt and Shame: Does Emotion Affect Expressive Reluctance?

Oral #42: Radhika Prasad - The Prospective Effects of Marijuana use on Illicit Drug use in Middle Adulthood

Poster #140: Sinndy Rios - Influence Of Political Trust In Latin American’s Home Country On Federal Program Enrollment In The United States

Poster #141: Evan Sangster - Policy Recommendations for Medicare Hospice Benefit Relating to Patients with ADRD

Poster #142: Bailey Smith - Marriage Dynamics in an Early American History: A View from the Knapp Genealogy

Poster #143: Maia Southwick - "I never felt like I was heard": Feeling Heard in Disagreements Across Relationships

Poster #144: John Stitt - Examining the Associations Between Maternal Sensitivity and Infant Responses to the Still Face Paradigm

Poster #145: Joshua Swan - Global Impacts of Energy on the World Economy

Poster #146: Will Tanguy - Adolescent Dating Violence Perpetration and Attachment Adversity: The Role of Depression in Justice-Involved Youth

Poster #147: Mack Tempero - Native American Fire Use and its Effect on Wildfire

Poster #153: Taylor Thompson - COVID-19 Has Impacted the Coping Strategies of Pediatric Oncology Patients Both Positively and Negatively

Poster #:148 Shaylynn Trego - Disparities In Extreme Heat Exposure In Maricopa County, Arizona: The Intersection Of Race/Ethnicity And Older Age

Poster #149: Ema Valverde, Abigail Gerber - Faces of Death in Historical Baja California: the Effects of Infectious Disease and Mining on Age at Death

Oral #44: Konnor Woodburn - The Swing Justice: the Figure Who Shapes the Supreme Court

Poster #150: Colby Young - Unemployment Gender Differentials and Inequality

Social Work

Poster #154: Kimberly Tobar - Examining the Inclusion of Substance Use Content in the Curriculum of Undergraduate Social Work Educational Programs Across the United States