Welcome to the 2020 Virtual Undergraduate Research Symposium!

The Office of Undergraduate Research welcomes you to the first-ever Virtual Undergraduate Research Symposium!

Even under these difficult circumstances, University of Utah undergraduate researchers and their mentors made it happen. Congratulations to all for their flexibility, creativity, and perseverance!

Visitors, please click through the links below to learn about the University of Utah's undergraduate research projects through posters, oral presentations, performances, and visual arts. Don't forget to email students at the addresses provided to ask questions and to congratulate them for their excellent work!

Architecture + Planning

Poster 1: NAREN ANANDH - Visual Documentation: Kabuli Nomadic Camp


Oral 1: MATTHEW FROBERG - Security Design in Markets with Risk: Price and Allocational Efficiencies

Poster 2: LUKE JOWERS - Partisanship's Impact on Voting Behavior

Poster 3: JACQUELINE MUMFORD - The Role of Accounting and Finance Professors in U.S. Government Spending Education

Poster 4: KEENAN RYDER - Where Industry Meets Academia: An Analysis Of Software Development Methodologies In Practice

Oral 2: KEEGAN VANLEEUWEN - An Econometric Approach to Validate the Economic Impact of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games

Cultural & Social Transformation -Visit the Transform Undergraduate Research Showcase

Poster 5: BRYNN ADAMS - Queer Resilience in Action: The History of an LGBT Student Club at Brigham Young University

Poster 00: MERCEDES BROWN - Discourse of Difficulty: Trauma-Based Masculinity in Foster Care

Poster 6: LAUREN CORDOVA - Associations Between Sociodemographics, Method Choice and Discontinuation of Free Contraceptives

Poster 7: ALEXANDER HIRAI - Loss Associated with Japanese American Incarceration

Poster 8: JENNY HOBBS - Wokbe: Implicit Bias Web app Pilto

ROBERT KEANEY - Warrior Spirit Tooele Combat Sports Program

Poster 9: JOCELYNE LOPEZ - Hablemos Salud

Poster 10: VERONICA LUKASINSKI - The Impact of the Non-Fatal Strangulation Protocol in Salt Lake County on Protective Orders

Poster 11: TIYA MAHI - Performance as Solidarity

Poster 12: CHRISTINE MARTINEZ - Runnin' Utes or Runnin' Racism: Discourse Analysis of the University of Utah Mascot 1930-1998

Poster 13: JULIET REYNOLDS - Gay Straight Alliance Clubs, Utah Law and School Policy

Poster 14: ALEX SON - Strengthening Communities

Visual Arts 1: MANDY TRAN - Love to Resist


Poster 15: BRADON FALLON- Hormonal Effects on Hepatitis Delta Virus Replication


Poster 162: SAM NIELSEN - Preliminary Examination of Tiered Mental Health Services at School Settings


Poster 16: JACQULYN ANDERSON - Addressing Novice Coding Patterns: Evaluating and Improving a Tool for Code Analysis and Feedback

Poster 17: BLAYZE ASHURST - Parallel Electrochemical Measurements with Rapidly Multiplexed Transimpedance Amplifier Readout

Poster 18: MISHA BEKERIS - Block Copolymers and Nanosphere Lithography as a Bottom-Up Fabrication Tool for Nanoscale Particle Separation Arrays

Poster 19: KATIE BEZDJIAN - Design of a High-Temperature Receiver for Concentrated Solar Power Energy Conversion

Poster 20: MICHAEL BLUM - Numerical Investigation of the Coupling Effect of Pore Shape and Fracture Orientation on the Mechanical Properties of Amorphous Silica

Oral 3: AJ BULL - Robotic Grasp Control using Tactile Feedback

Poster 21: CAROLINA CASTRO, WALLIS SCHOLL, TREVOR WILLIAMS, BENJAMIN ARCE - Evaluating Role of Triton-X in Tunability of Gold Nanostars

Poster 22: JAKE COLLINS - Cellular Communications for Utility Distribution Network Assets

Poster 23: MATTHEW DAILEY - Perfluoroalkyl Contaminant Sensor

Poster 24: LEXI DEFORD - Improving Air Temperature Sensor Accuracy with a Custom Aspirated Housing Unit

Poster 25: ABHI DUBAL - Applying Deep Compression Techniques to the Transformer

Poster 26: ASMITA DULAL - Osteoblast Cells Behavior on Fluoridated Hydroxyapatite

Poster 27: ANDREW FALKOWSKI - Quantifying Uncertainty in Bulk Modulus 
Predictions Using Bayesian Neural Networks

Poster 28: KYLEE FLUCKIGER - Flexible Sensing for Pressure Ulcer Detection & Prevention

Poster 29: SIERRA FREITAS - Using Microspheres to Understand the Effect of Particle Geometry in Freeze Casting

Poster 30: TYLER GEE - Machined Learning of Breath-based Volatile Organic Compound Sensors for Improved Diagnosis

Poster 31: ANDREW GUNNELL - Gait Analysis of Amputee Subjects While Wearing Microprocessor Knee Prostheses

Poster 32: CLEO HANCOCK - Learning Efficacy - A New Casing for A Tuberculosis Biosensor

Poster 33: BENJAMIN HECK - Project: Computational Assessment of the Utility and Selectivity of Temporal Interference Stimulation on Neuron Activation / Poster: Temporal Interference Stimulation is imprecise and activates non-target neurons

Poster 34: SPENCER IVERSON - Low-Cost, Bluetooth Surface Electromyography Acquisition Device

Poster 35: ANDREW JUE - Characterization of Quartz Tuning Forks for Quantitative Force Measurement Across Single Nanometer Gaps

Poster 36: XINTONG LIU - Comparison of Centralized and Decentralized Features Exchange in Federated Learning

Poster 37: RYAN MURDOCK - Generating Realistic Crystal Structures Using Neural Networks

Poster 38: SOREN NELSON - Optics-free imaging of QR Codes with Deep Learning

Poster 39: EMMA PAGE PATTERSON - Transient Platelet Dynamics on µ-Contact Printed Immobilized Protein Agonists

Poster 40: ANDREW PETERSON - Joint Distance, Coverage and Congruency Analysis of the Tibiotalar Joint

Poster 41: SPENCER SAWAS - Validating Expression of an Attachment Site for Synthetic Mucin Mimics

Oral 4: DINORAH SEGOVIA - Design and Fabrication of Si Micro/Nanowires through Thermal Oxidation

Poster 42: RYAN TATTON - Simulations of dMRI Reconstruction Explore Effects of Axonal Spacing

Poster 43: KELSEE TODD- Development of an Automated Baculovirus Titration Assay Using Neutral Red and Endpoint Dilution Methods

Poster 44: MIRIAM VAIL - Investigating the Effects of MircoRNA-92a on Neointimal Hyperplasia Development in Arteriovenous Fistulae

MARK VEN DER MERWE - Learning Continuous 3D Reconstructions for Geometrically Aware Grasping

Poster 45: LIA WESTERMANN - Quantification of Hip Biomechanics in Collegiate Athletes at Risk for Developing Femoroacetabular Impingement Syndrome

Poster 46: DAVID WHITTAKER- Phase Change of Niobium Carbide through High-Temperature Annealing

Poster 47: LAURA ZIEGLER - Imaging Thinly Myelinated White Matter Pathways

Fine Arts

Poster 48: AMELIE BENNETT - How We Move When We Feel: Kinesthetic Empathy through Mirror Neuron Systems

Poster 49: KRISTEN BENNETT - Wildlife Altered

Oral 5: KIMI BROWN - Shakespearean Support Group

Performance 1: COURTNEY COHEN - Exploring the Impact of Firsthand Experiences on Theatrical Rehearsal and Performance

Poster 50: ERIN JACKSON - Representation and Interpretation: Understanding Text Through Images in the Romance of the Rose

Poster 51: NICOLE KALLSEN - Seeking common ground: A case study on ballet's cultural support in Salt Lake City, Utah

Performance 2: SEVERIN SARGENT-CATTERTON Sargent-Catterton - Let's Make It a Thing

Poster 52: RACHEL ROSER - The Unity of Blue

Poster 53: JACOB YOUNG - High School Band and Orchestra Musician’s Willingness to Intervene in Relational Bullying


Poster 54: MARGARET BIELEFELD and SAVANNAH MCCOY - Insulin and Glucose: Biomarkers of Appetite Following Acute Exercise

Poster 55: TEMERAE BLACKWATER, EMILY CLISSOLD, JAYNE HANSEN, HAYLEE OSGOOD - Grow Together: A Resilience-Based Program for Families

Poster 56: LAURA BOREN - Creating a Physical Activity Promotion Program for Utah Cancer Survivors


Poster 58: CARLO CARDOZO - The Associated Benefits, Barriers, and the Feasibility of DPP In Community Practice: A Literature Review

Poster 59: ASHLEY CRABTREE, JENI EYRE, HANNAH POWELL, AMY WARD - Wellness Through the Scope of ME/CFS

Poster 60: BRENNAN CRONQUIST - The POMS "Crater" Profile as seen in College Students

Poster 61: ERICA EMERY - Pedal Away Parkinson's: Recreational Therapy Specific Program

Poster 62: ERICA HILL - Play and Language Development in Toddlers at Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Poster 63: JESSIE MONTGOMERY - The Effects of Metformin-Leucine Dual Therapy on Muscle Recovery Following Disuse in Aged Mice

Oral 6: NATE ROSE - Home-Based High-Intensity Interval Training To Improve Colorectal Cancer Survivorship: Feasibility And Relationship With Novel Surrogate Biomarkers Of Colorectal Cancer Recurrence

Oral 7: ISABEL SHIMANSKI - A New Protocol for First Responders for Hypothermic Pulselessness in Pediatric Patients

Poster 64: SARAH TAYLOR - Relationships between Practice History, Performance, and Injury Risk in U.S. Developmental Alpine Skiers

Poster 65: LAUREN THOMPSON – Inducible Disruption of Endothelial Cell Ceramide Biosynthesis: Vascular Implications

Poster 66: BECCA WESTENSKOW - Evaluating a Robotic Pet Intervention Using Joy for All Companion Pets with Older Adults

Poster 67: ELLEN WILLIAMS - Neurophysiological changes in aging and cognitive decline: A cross-sectional pilot study using surface EEG.


Oral 8: CAITLIN SILIANOFF - Objectified: Bodily Fragmentation in the Metaphysical Conceit

Poster 68: MAIA SOUTHWICK - The Experience of Feeling Heard in Conflict Across Relationships


Poster 69: HALLIE ALLAN - Noun Incorporation in Crow: An Assessment of Various Approaches

Poster 70: HENRY ALLEN - Content Analysis: Newspaper Coverage of Colony Collapse Disorder

Poster 71: NICHOLAS COCKRELL - The U.S. Civil Rights Movement: Soviet Propaganda and International Reactions

Poster 72: MCKENZIE COWAN, LINDSI BURR, FRANCES HINA GOLDSMITH - Intelligibility, Comprehensibility, and Accentedness in L2 Speech

Oral 9: JUAN ESQUIVEL - Catholic Response to the AIDS crisis in Utah

Poster 73: MAISON EVENSEN & CAITLIN HUNTING - The Influence of Written Input on Word Learning: Mandarin and Native English Speakers

Poster 74: BENNETT JOHNSON - A Widening Divide: An Examination of Constitutional Polarization in Supreme Court Nomination Hearings

Oral 10: MORENA SANTANA - How do Portuguese as a Foreign Language Learners Perceive Feedback?

Oral 11: MARIA STOKES - The Making of Method

Oral 12: ALYSSA STRINGHAM - “Most she touched me by her muteness”: the Indexicality of Women’s Poetry in Needlework, Dissection, and the Female Voice

Oral 13: CHRISTOPHER TAYLOR - Scheherazade's Vienna: Erotic and Thanatic Figures in "Das Märchen der 672. Nacht" and "Traumnovelle"

Oral 14: JULIA VONESSEN - The Relationship Between Listener Attitudes and the Comprehension of Nonnative-Accented Speech


Oral 15: NARDI ALMAW - The Role of Fibroblast Growth Factor 21 in Heart Failure

Poster 75: TAYLOR AUCUTT - Tumor Genomics as a Route to Clarifying Inherited Genetics in Multiple Myeloma

Poster 76: LORI BEGAYE - Undertreated Iron Deficiency Anemia Increase the Risk of Postpartum Blood Transfusion

Poster 77: KISHAN BHAKTA - CRIPTO Antagonist ALK4L75A-Fc Inhibits Breast Cancer Cell Adaptation to Stress, Tumor Growth and Metastasis

Poster 78: JADEN BROOKS - Inter-rater Reliability in the Complex Coding of a Theater-Based Intervention Designed to Improve Interpersonal Communication Skills Among Medical Learners

Poster 79: SAVANNA CAHOON - Geometrical analysis of experimental arteriovenous fistula in rats and inter-analyst variability

Oral 16: MARISSA CASTILLO - The Relationship Between Autonomic Dysfunction, Blood Pressure Variability, and Clinical Outcomes in Ischemic Stroke Patients

Poster 80: CAMILLE CHRISTENSEN - Stabilizing the Ryanodine Receptor Prevents Severe Hypoglycemia-Induced Cardiac Arrhythmias and Mortality

Poster 81: ADARA DENIRO - Developing Antibodies for Determining Structures of Polycystic Kidney Disease Proteins

Poster 82: ADAM DICKSON - Effects of Farnesyltransferase Inhibitors on Endothelial Cell Function in Cerebral Cavernous Malformations (CCM)

Poster 83: LAUREN ERICKSEN - Altered Right Nucleus Accumbens and Right Insula Functional Connectivity: Sex by Chronic Pain Interaction

Poster 84: AUSTIN GOODWIN - Hindgut Epithelial Ion Transporters in Drosophila Melanogaster

Poster 85: ELLA GREGORY - Investigating the role of transcription factor Ptf1a in maintaining differentiated acinar cells

Poster 86: ELIZABETH HAYES - Characterizing Focal Adhesion-based Tumor Cell Dissemination

Poster 87: CHIEKO HOKI - Understanding the Role of NETs in Ischemic Stroke Outcomes

Poster 88: AMANDA HORIUCHI - Perm1: A Novel Regulator of Mitochondrial Energetics in Cardiomyocytes

Poster 89: MIRANDA JONES - Perspectives from Students in the Native American Summer Research Internship Program

Poster 90: RIA KADDU - Intrauterine Growth Restriction and Supplemental DHA Alter Rat Hepatic Histone Methylation

Poster 91: AYESHA KHAN - A Comparison of Cryoballoon Ablation Techniques For Atrial Fibrillation Treatment

Poster 92: MARINA KYNSHEVA - Investigating Differences in Coronary Arteries From Dialysis and Non-Dialysis Patients

Poster 93: OLIVIA LEE - The Effect of Differential RASGRP2 Isoform Expression on Platelet Activation

Poster 94: MEGAN LEWIS - Translational Regulation of E2F1 in Cancer

Poster 95: YINGYUE LI - Genotyping of phosphoglucomutase 2 deficiency mouse model

Poster 96: SYRENNA LISONBEE - Evaluating Executive Functioning in Older Adults with the Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure Test

Oral 17: HUNTER MANSFIELD - Ketanserin, Ritanserin Drug Treatments for HCC & HTR2B Overexpression Transgenic Zebrafish Models

Poster 97: AARON MCMURRAY - Genetic interactions and osmoregulatory effects of human disease genes Blos4, Vps16B, Vps33B, and WNK in Drosophila

Poster 98: TORI MOODY - The effect of mitofusion 2 on megakaryocyte function and mitochondrial morphology

Poster 99: KAYLA NAVARRO - Cerebral Small Vessel Disease and Right Heart Dysfunction: Preliminary Data

Poster 100: ABDUL OSMAN - Progression of SNHL in Patients with Trisomy 21

Poster 101: PAIGE SHIPMAN - Efficacy of treating chronic rhinosinusitis with high volume budesonide irrigations

Poster 102: SPENCER TINGEY - Human Arteriovenous Fistula Wall Thickness in the First Six Months After Creation

Mines & Earth Sciences

Poster 103: RACHEL D'AGOSTINI - Fabrication of an Electrocatalytic Ceramic Probe for Bacteria Destruction

Poster 104: ELLIOTT GRAY - Review on Magma Mixing Processes and Future Applications to Hawaiian Samples

Poster 105: SARAH HAMILTON - Chemical Variability and Characterization of San Carlos Olivine for Geochemical and Experimental Studies

Poster 106: CHASE HODGES-HEILMANN - Analyzing dust events in the Wasatch snowpack

Poster 107: HAYLEY LIND - Spatial Variation of Starch and Sugars in Ponderosa Pine

JUSTIN KRIER - Mapping of Ultra Low Velocity Zones in the Core-Mantle Boundary

Poster 108: ZAHRA SAIFEE - Application of Calcium Phosphate Cements in Dental Pulp Capping


Poster 109: KALEN GUNTER - Interactions Between Family Caregivers and Visiting Hospice Nurses

Poster 110: ALEC PARENT - Research Platform for Research with Sensors

Poster 111: MAYRA RODRIGUEZ - Hospital Acquired Bloodstream Infections in Pediatric Patients Undergoing Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation


Poster 112: KORAK CHAKRABORTI - A CRISPR-based high-throughput gene knockout platform for in vivo functional genetic screens

Poster 113: VARUN GARG - Improved Synthetic Bioengineering Production of Polysaccharides and Size-Specific Oligosaccharides of Low Molecular Weight Heparosan, a Heparin Precursor

Poster 114: MACEY SMITH - Enzyme Promiscuity – Alkaline Phosphatase


Poster 115: JONAH BARBER - Persistent Current From Spin Orbit Interaction In Helicoidal Quantum Wires

Poster 116: GALEN BERGSTEN - Probing Explosive Enrichment via Supernova Remnants

Poster 117: MAGGIE BRUEGGEMEYER - Towards Identifying the Signaling Partner of Photoactive Yellow Protein

Poster 118: AUSTIN CANNON - Novel Ligand Synthesis for CO2 Hydrogenation

Poster 119: RACHEL CANTRELL - Towards the Synthesis of an Antibiotic Scaffold Inspired by the TAN 1057-D Biologically Active Natural Product

Poster 120: JACOB CAPENER - How Does GRK2 Control The Hedgehog Pathway in Development and Cancer?

Poster 121: CALDER DUFFIN - Probing Peptide Substrate Recognition of Radical S-Adenosyl Methionine Enzyme Tte1186 via Assay of Synthesized Peptide Substrate Mutants and Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectroscopy Analysis

Poster 122: ALEX ENGSTROM - Label-Free Investigation of His-tagged Protein and Nickel Ligand Interactions in Nanopore Supported Lipid Bilayers using Confocal Raman Microscopy

Poster 123: KASON GLOVER - Novel Antibiotics Inspired by Natural Tetrapeptide GE 81112

Poster 124: CAT GREENBURG - Leucine Regulation of Membrane Transport Proteins in S. cerevisiae

Poster 125: CONNOR HOUGHTON - Universality Parameterization Extension in Electron-Positron Angular Spectra in Extensive Air Showers

Psoter 126: ALLISON JACOBSEN- Confocal Raman Microscopy Study of Reversible Protein Ion-Exchange Interactions

Poster 127: JUSTIN KELLEHER - Experimental Adaptation of Influenza a Virus to Specific Host Genotypes

Poster 128: LOGAN KELLEY - Weighing Abell 2029: How Different Assumptions Change a Galaxy Cluster's Mass

Poster 129: MARKELL KOLENDRIANOS - Determining the molecular structure of zeaxanthin-GSTP1 complex

Oral 18: SARA LEININGER - Using Redox Active Polymers as Anode and Cathode Species in a Redox Flow Battery

Poster 130: BRENNAN MAHONEY - GRASPing Multisensory Circuitry in Drosophila

Poster 131: ALEXANDRIA MARGETTS - Development of a Murine Stroke Model

Oral 19: JAYA MUEHLMAN - Effects of wind-generated underwater noise on southern right whale group dynamics

Poster 132: CHRISTOPHER NIELSON - Bond Dissociation Energies of Early Transition Metal Borides

Poster 133: NICK OLSEN - Simple Molecular Models for Chiral Crystallization

Poster 134: SAM RABER - Assessing Tyrant Flycatcher Species and Subspecies Populations in Utah by Using Mitochondrial DNA Barcodes

Poster 135: GABBY ROCHA - Investigation the role of the Unfolded Protein Response in Quiescence

Poster 136: JESSICA STANLEY - Relationship Between Bill Morphology and Parasite Load

Poster 137: SUSANNA TANG - High-Temperature Kinetics of Single Graphite and Graphene Nanoparticles Using Nanoparticle Mass Spectrometry (NPMS)

Poster 138: LAUREN TERVET - Synthesis of mesoporous silica nanoparticles for targeted alpha therapy

Oral 20: JACKSON TURNER - Computation of Eigenfunctions on Various Domains

Social & Behavioral Science

Poster 139: MONIQUE AGUIRRE - The Role of Advocacy in Adapting the Diabetes Prevention Program for Couple-Based Delivery That Reaches Marginalized Groups

Poster 140: JORDAN ANDERSON - Does Linguistic Context Help to Alleviate Detrimental Effects of Effortful Listening on Memory?

Poster 141: ELISABETH ROSE ANTLEY - The Effects of Hearing Loss on Verbal Working Memory in Younger and Older Adults

Poster 142: CLAIRE BAER - Treeline Migration Patterns of Pinus edulis Throughout the Holocene

Poster 143: JACOB BEDKE - Effects of Long-Term Memory on the Neural Components of Visual Attention During Visual Search

Poster 144: SYDNEY BOOGAARD - Population-level genetics influences Populus fremontii success more than antecedent climate regime at Rio Mesa research garden

Poster 145: MICHAEL BROUGHTON - Monitoring Small Mammal Populations at Utah Bottoms

Poster 146: NATHAN CAINES, DEVON JECMEN, JAMES BEEKHUIZEN - Assessment of Glucose's Role in Cognitive Control

Poster 147: WILLIAM CANNON - 4,500 Years of Biotic Change in Range Creek Canyon

Poster 148: ALYSSA CASTON - Social Disparities in Exposure to Accidental Releases of Chemical Toxins in the Gulf Coast Area after Hurricane Harvey

Poster 149: IAN CLARK - Changes in Climate and Fire during past droughts in the Uinta Mountains: A case study of the Medieval Climate Anomaly from 800- 1200 A.D.

Poster 150: KOBE CORNELISON - Neural Processes of Encoding in Long-Term Memory, Visual Working Memory, and Attention

Poster 151: KAEDYN CRABTREE - Nature vs. Urban: Measuring Attention Restoration Theory and Affect

Poster 152: LINDA DERHAK, SAMUEL BEY & ZAHRA SAIFEE – Utahn’s Health Risk Perception Surrounding Air Pollution

Poster 153: SHELBY DIBBLE - Gender Disparities in the Evidence of Prehistoric Conflict Bears Ears National Monument

Poster 154: CLAIRE DINEHART - Examining Free Clinic Patients Household Environmental Safety and the Resulting Impact on Their Perceived Stress Levels

Poster 155: CHLOE GARNER - Patient Privacy and Database Security for Emerging Health Information Technology

Poster 156: ELLIE GOODRICH - Determining sex and kinship in wild savanna chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes verus) from West Africa

Poster 157: LOGAN HASTINGS - Reconstructing paleoclimate variability in Baja California, Mexico through paleoecological analyses

Poster 158: BRITTNEY HAYES - The Effect Of Emotion Regulation On The Heart: Online Social Interactions And Autonomic Nervous System Functioning

Poster 159: UYEN HOANG - The Misogyny of Climate Denialism and its Influence on World Leaders’ Climate Response

Poster 0: TREASURE LUNDSKOG - Impact Of Mother’s Depression, Anxiety, Emotion Dysregulation, And Early Childhood Trauma On Hair Cortisol Levels During Pregnancy

Oral 21: ALEX MCFARLIN - Financial Advisor Titles: Informational Complexity and the Role of Regulatory Simplification

Poster 160: KYH NAEGLE - Secure Base Script Attachment Representations and Behavior Problems in Middle Childhood

Poster 161: JACQUELINE NGUYEN - The use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) within Refugee Communities

Poster 163: PEDRO PADILLA-MARTINEZ - What do Marijuana Arrests Look Like in Utah? Are there Racial Disparities?

Poster 164: ALI PALMER - Maternal Sensitivity as a Predictor of Infants’ Physiological Reactivity One Year Later

Poster 165: AMY PALMER - The Associations Between Maternal and Paternal Stress During Pregnancy and Newborn Outcomes

Oral 22: ALEXANDER PETERSON - Associations between Race, Ethnicity, Socioeconomic Status, and Emotion Dysregulation on Newborn Attention and Arousal

Poster 166: KRISTIANNA RADLEY - Searching for the Fountain of Ute: Childhood/Early Adulthood Neighborhoods and Longevity in Utah

Poster 167: JOHNNY RODRIGUEZ - Social and Economic Factors: the Influencers of Contraceptive Effectiveness

Poster 168: JOHNNY RODRIGUEZ - Reclaiming the Sterilized Body

Poster 169: TAREN ROHOVIT - Through the Eyes of an Expert: Evaluating holistic processing in architects using gaze-contingent viewing

Poster 170: KYLIE SHEARER - Maternal Sensitivity to Distress Versus Nondistress as Predictor of Dysregulation in Infants

Poster 171: TAYLOR SILKEY – The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree: Comparing the Physical Activity of Parents and Their Adolescents

Poster 172: CRYSTAL SPAGNUOLO- Establishing A Temporal Distribution for Ceramics of the Virgin River Branch of the Ancestral Puebloan

Poster 173: CASSIDY STEIN - A Summer Rainfall Reconstruction From Bristlecone Pine (Pinus longaeva) in the Uinta Mountains, Utah

Poster 174: JESSICA STOKER - Does the language production system play a role in predictive processes during language comprehension?

Poster 175: TRACEY TACANA - The stability of infant physiological reactivity from seven to 18 months

Poster 176: SARAH TRELA-HOSKINS - Randomized Experiment Using Sleep Technology

Oral 23: NATALY WELCH - Exploring educational experiences from the student perspective: Building cultural competence among teachers

Poster 177: KATHRYN WYLIE - Differences Between Mother and Peer Listeners in the Encouragement of Perspective-Taking

Poster 178: EYLÜL YEL - Crafting Authenticity in Utah’s Distilled Spirit Industry

Social Work

Poster 179: HANNAH LOUISE LANCHIDO - Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Predicts Cue-elicited Craving Among Opioid-treated Chronic Pain Patients

Poster 180: EBONY MILLER - Eyewitness Identification: A Scoping Review

Oral 24: TAUSOA MULITALO - Polynesian Youth and their Polydimensional Experience within Native and Westernized Spaces: An Examination of Pacific Islander Youth and the Cultural Factors that Affect their Experience of Levels of Suicidal Ideologies and Cultural Shame

Poster 181: HÉCTOR ROBLES – The Relationship Between Non-Citizen Latinos’ Perception of Administrative Policies, Satisfaction, Confidence and Outlook on Their Future in the United States 

Poster 182: ELISE SMITH - Examining Policy Priorities for Addressing Homelessness in Salt Lake County by Persons with Lived Experience