2021 Fall Symposium – December 3rd

The Office of Undergraduate Research welcomes you to the virtual 2021 Fall Symposium!

Welcome! Please click through the links below to learn about the University of Utah's undergraduate research projects through performances, posters and oral presentations. Don't forget to email students at the addresses provided to ask questions and to congratulate them for their excellent work!

Questions? Contact our@utah.edu



Cultural & Social Transformation

Poster #1: Tony Chen - Asian Community: Utah State-Wide Needs Assessment of Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence & Human Trafficking

Performance #1: Sandra Del Rio Madrigal - Migratory Monsters

Poster #2: Thaiss Del Rio Sanchez - More Than a Status: Navigating Immigrant "Illegality" and Discourse During the Trump Era


Poster #3: Devaki Abhyankar - Patient-Specific Models for Testing Antiarrhythmic Drugs

Poster #4: Michael Gammon - Database of Image Analysis Parameters for Quantitative Phase Imaging

Poster #5: Jared Green - Algorithmic Acceleration of 3D Reconstruction for Real Time Medical Imaging

Poster #6: Arianna LaLonde - Analysis of Transhumeral Amputee Bone Morphology

Poster #7: Emma Pinegar - 3D Object Reconstruction in Clutter Scenes for Robotic Manipulation

Poster #8: Claire Ticknor - Sintering of 3D Printed Copper-Steel Functionally Graded Materials

Fine Arts

Performance #2: Ellie Otis - King Lear: Recreating Women's Stories

Oral #1: Brynn Staker - The Racial Other: Stereotypes in Rogers and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma!


Oral #2: Grace Lewis - Finding a New Normal: A Scholarly Personal Narrative on Resilience During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Poster #9: Cynthia Checketts - Why white mice? Improving biological literacy through animal history


Poster #10: Sofi Hull - Using Network Analysis to Visualize the Role of Emotion in Murder Mystery Novels


Poster #11: Awais Ahmad - Are Adrenergic Receptors expressed on VMH Glutamatergic Neurons

Poster #12: Alexys Berman - NGLY1 Deficiency Modeled in Drosophila Melanogaster

Poster #13: Tyler Gibson - Barriers and Facilitators to Contraceptive Access and Use Among Women Who Use Opioids: A Scoping Review

Poster #14: Sonresa Ochoa-Vidales - Evolutionary Analysis of Host-Pathogen Adaptations in MDA5

Poster #15: Aarushi Rohaj - Apoptosis Efficiency of the Transfected Elephant and Human p53 Vectors in p53 Varying Leiomyosarcoma Cells

Poster #16: William Steiner - Regulation of Protein Complexes During Hedgehog Signal Transduction


Poster #17: Nestor Chavez - An Analysis of Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, and Resilience in Prelicensure Nursing Students During a Global Pandemic

Poster #18: Danielle Gambino - Motivations to Participate in the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) Among Overweight and Obese Women Planning Pregnancy


Poster #19: Eshan Narasipura - Full Synthesis of Enzymatically Cleavable Linker Between 929-Designed Ankyrin Repeat Protein And 17-Dimethlyamino Geldanamycin


Poster #20: Kimberly Gamarra - Identifying the genetic basis for resistance to malaria

Poster #21: Charlotte Randolph - Synthesis of VLC-PUFAs Relating to Macular Degenerative Diseases

Social & Behavioral Science

Poster #22: Tali Bauman - Lifestyle Coach Experiences Delivering the Diabetes Prevention Program

Poster #23: Tania Cervantes-Hernandez - Dating/Intimate Partner Violence and Social Media Use Among College Students

Poster #24: Jamison Creekmore - Awareness and understanding of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in newly diagnosed patients, family, and friends

Poster #25: Kyleigh Hatch - Gender Differences in Correlations between the Use of Mobile Personal Financial Management Technology and Financial Outcomes

Poster #26: Leehye Kang - A Realistic Study on Visual Search – What can Lego Tell us?

Poster #27: Iris McCulloch - Using fossil pollen to reconstruct seasonal precipitation in the Sierra de San Pedro Mártir

Poster #28: Torri Peck - Sibling Support in Families where Multiple Members have been Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes

Oral #3: Sara Robson - Reducing Recidivism Through Education Vocational Skills and Therapy

Oral #4: Brooklynn Scott - Genomic Insights into Lineage Specific Variation in Macaque Social Behavior

Oral #5: Matthew Snyder - Christian men and women's attitudes towards LGBT, their covariates and interaction effects