2020 Virtual Fall Symposium – December 4th


The Office of Undergraduate Research welcomes you to the 2020 Virtual Fall Symposium!

Welcome! Please click through the links below to learn about the University of Utah's undergraduate research projects through performances, posters and oral presentations. Don't forget to email students at the addresses provided to ask questions and to congratulate them for their excellent work!



Architecture & Planning

Film Performance #1: GABI SIU - Contemporary Design in the American West through the Lens of Film

Oral #1: JOE WASSWEILER - Fixing Tuition Inflation


Poster #1: NATE NELLIS - Econometric Analysis on the Impact of Water Rates on Resident Usage and City Revenue: A Study in Salt Lake County, Utah

Cultural & Social Transformation

Oral #2: CANDACE BRYAN - The Relationships between Museums and Native Americans: A Case Study of the Natural History Museum of Utah

Poster #2: VERONICA LUKASINSKI - Visualizing Gender-Based Violence Policy Data Collection for the State of Utah

Poster #3: JENS NILSON - Child Labor Trafficking and the Child Welfare System


Poster #4: JIMENA MURILLO - Psychology and Intervention Use


Poster #5: MITCHELL CHILD - Castable, Porous Insulation for Oxygen Generation Applications

Poster #6: BRYCE LARSEN - Promoting Osteogenesis using CRISPR-dCas9-VPR

Poster #7: KITSEL LUSTED - Economic Extraction, Recovery, and Upgrading of Rare Earth Elements From Coal-Based Resources

Poster #8: IAN MCCOLLOUGH - Castable Porous Ceramic Insulation

Oral #3: TARA ZAMANI - Spiking Neural Network Modeling and an XOR Application

Fine Arts

Oral #4: ALAN CHAVEZ - Master Minds and Artists: Visiting Influencers in the Pre-Civil Rights Era


Poster #9: SARAH HUNT - Addressing Air Quality in the Salt Lake Valley Through the Use of Serious Games

Poster #10: AUSTIN JOHNSON - Efficacy of a Hospital-Based Exercise Program on Physical Outcomes linked with Survival Among Cancer Survivors


Poster #11: KAYLIN BERGESON & MARY CHAVEZ - Effects of Instructor Ethnicity on Native English Speakers: Replication of Rubin (1992)

Poster #12: CHRIS GRANGER & AUDREY PAXTON - Replication of Rubin (1992) Study on the Effects of Ethnicity on Students' Perception of Teacher Effectiveness and Accent

Poster #13: LUKE HARDY, RICARDO SHADE, CHRIS ZHOU - Racial biases affecting undergraduates’ comprehension of instructors, replication of Rubin (1992)

Poster #14: TARA HOGAN and REBECCA RIVAS - Undergraduate Ethnocentrism

Poster #15: JON HUNT, ELENA ORREGO, MARCEL PETERSEN - Rubin (1992) Replication

Poster #41: SIERRA JENSEN, JAREM SAUNDERS, COLE THORPE - Impacts of Non-Language Factors on Listening Comprehension: A Replication of Rubin (1992)

Poster #16: ASPEN JOHNSTON & LUCY SCHOENFELD - Changing Sentiments - The Changing Nature of Reverse Linguistic Stereotyping

Poster #17: ZOE PRICE & LYNDSAY ZACCARI - Beyond a Face: Replication of Rubin 1992



Poster #19: FATIMA FAIZI - Type 1 diabetes self-care: your daily dose of diabetes

Poster #20: VALERIE FERNANDEZ - Understanding the Incidence and Risk Factors Associated With Travelers’ Diarrhea

Poster #21: YINGRI LI - Affinity purification of histidine-tagged galactose-1 phosphate uridylyltransferase (GALT)

Poster #22: ADRIANA PAYAN-MEDINA - Characterization of Satellite-Derived Air Quality Measurements in Health Applications

Poster #23: KAITLYN STEVENS - Identifying RNAi Modifiers Leading to Cellular Apoptosis in Retinal Degeneration

Oral #5: MICHAEL TAO - Using Collagen-Based Hydrogels To Enhance Cardiomyocyte Differentiation and Direct Structural Alignment In-Vitro

Mines & Earth Sciences

Poster #24: RILEY MURRAY - Bioavailable Strontium For Archaeological Studies In Modern Manhattan, New York

Poster #25: MACK TAWA - Development of the Binary Categorization for Magnetofossil Robustness Model (BCMRM)


Poster #26: ANTHONY MURADAS - A Mindful Approach to Perceived Stress for Older Adults Receiving Rehabilitation Services in Long-term Care (LTC)

Poster #27: MADELINE TRIPP - Addressing Opioid Use in Carbon County, Utah

Poster #28: ANNIE WALTON - Sex Differences in Dispositional Mindfulness and its Effect on Acupuncture Treatment Outcomes


Oral #6: HANNAH BLOMGREN - Influence of Identity on Perception of Belonging and Inclusion in Introductory Physics

Poster #29: ISABELLE GALLAND - The Phylogenetic Enigma of the Psychedelic Mushroom genus, Psilocybe

Poster #30: BILLY NGUYEN - Elucidating the Molecular Mechanism of Action of the Microsclerodermins

Poster #31: LYNDSAY RICKS - Does the American cockroach’s personality affect its ability to form spatial learning associations?

Social & Behavioral Science

Oral #7: MEGHAN BURROWS - Youth, Environment, and Belonging

Poster #32: EMILY CEBROWSKI - "Weary Feet and Flaked Stone" Testing the predictive power of cost path analysis as a suitability measure for Ideal Free Distribution

Poster #33: EMMA DEAN - The Effect of Maternal Resilience on Newborn Neurobehavioral Outcomes

Poster #34: JAMIE GOETZ - Experimental Archaeology: Modeling the Costs of Groundstone tool-use for Maize Consumption in Range Creek Canyon, Utah

Poster #35: SU JIN HWANG - The Association Between Pre-Existing Depressive Symptoms and COVID-19 Related Stress Among Adoptive Parents

Poster #36: SALLY MATTHEWS - Determining Kinship in Wild Savanna Chimpanzees (Pan Troglodytes Verus) from Fongoli, Senegal

Oral #8: MARIO RAMIREZ-ARRAZOLA - Adding Up The Cost of Excluding Undocumented Utahns from State and Federal COVID-19 Relief

Poster #37: MASON STEPHENS - Mindfulness and P300 correlational relationship to Time Spent in Nature

Poster #38: JOSHUA URRY - The mediating role of coping behaviors in the relation between partner relationship quality and infant stress

Poster #39: LAUREN ZIEGELMAYER - Examining Changes in Physiological Stress Levels After Exposure to Nature

Social Work

Poster #40: ZACK BISKUPIAK - Understanding the Operational Definition of Mindfulness Meditation