UROP Awardees

Diyar Ahmed (Jun Yang) - Investigating the Role of C-Nap 1 and the BB-DC Linkage in Primary Cilium Structure 
Connor Blunt (Margaret Wan) - Guan Yu from Three Kingdoms and his portrayal in Smite 
Bryce Bosworth (Michael Werner) - Life in brine: Culturing the nematodes of the Great Salt Lake in search of the mechanism of adaptation to extreme conditions 
Ali Bouck (Ryan Looper) - Total Synthesis and MOA Investigation of Ezomycin 
Bennett Browning (Jesse Christensen) - Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS) Physical Function and Knee Injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score (KOOS) Relationship on Performance Measures in People Undergoing Total Knee Arthroplasty 
Garrett Butler (Kathleen Ritterbush) - Investigation into the relationship between environmental conditions and physical development of ornamentation on Ammonite fossils 
Michelle Cao (Jordan Gerton) - Student Interactions in Undergraduate Introductory Physics Lab for Non-Physics Majors 
Spencer Carstens (Shreya Goel) - Evolution of the Metastatic Tumor Microenvironment Through High Resolution Microscopy 
Victoria Chiou (Anna Beaudin) - Fetal hematopoietic stem cell metabolism in response to varying prenatal folate status.  
Calvin Coates (Will Holland) - Type II Diabetes, Ceramides, and Heart Failure 
Aaron Coon (Heayoung Yoon) - Fault Analysis for Semiconductor Materials and Devices 
America Cox (Bryn Dentinger) - Utilizing Genomic and Metabolic Data to Investigate the Evolutionary Ecology of Ant-Farmed Fungi 
James Craig (Chuck Dorval) - Investigating Off-Contact Stimulation Techniques for Deep Cortical Regions in Humans Using Patient-Specific Brain Models 
Shane Denherder (Elisabeth Conradt) - Physiological Responses to an Online Infant Cry Stimulus task in Expectant Mothers 
Collin Dover (Shahrzad Roshankhah) - Hydraulic Fracturing 
Dewi Eagan (Leif Anderson) - Velocities of Rock Glaciers Relating to Rock Content and other factors 
Samantha Eddy (Shundana Yusaf) - Local Building Methods, Techniques and Indigenous Community Engaged Architecture 
Tanner Frahm (Eugene Kwan) - Investigating Effects of Noninvasive Cardiac Radiation on Connexin-43 Distribution 
Alexis Friedman (Tao Gao) - Electrochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide to Carbon Monoxide Via Flow Cell  
Christian Furness (Jack Longino) - Seasonal changes in worker fat content of  Formica obscuripes, the western thatch ant 
Shalyce Gardner (Clement Chow) - Follow up on Genetic Modifiers Identified in PIGA Deficiency Screening 
Emma Glende (Adrienne Cachelin) - Community-based research for educational equity in Salt Lake City, Utah 
Gabrielle Hadinger (Yan-Ting Shiu) - Effects of E26 avian erythroblastosis virus transcription factor (ETS)-1 inhibition on hemodialysis arteriovenous fistula (AVF) development 
Tala Hammond (Sihem Boudina) - The Role of Liver-Specific autophagy in Hepatic Homeostasis 
Kaysen Hansen (Jake George) - Effects of Pulse Amplitude on Frequency Discrimination with Electrocutaneous Artificial Sensory Feedback 
Liam Haynie (Yong Lin Kong) - Enhancing Resonance Sensitivity of 3D Printed Sensors 
Josh Hill (Ben  Bromley) - Finding Planet 9 
Josh Hillyard (Allison Payne) - Evaluation of immune responses from focused ultrasound treatment with immunotherapy in a pre-clinical breast cancer murine model  
Rachel Holland (Maureen Mathison) - Rhetoric as Tool: Scientific Innovation Through a Multiples Lens 
Jonathan Hong (Kent  Lai) - Novel pathway of adipogenesis in mice with impaired galactose metabolism 
Brianna Ingersoll (Jesse Christensen) - Biomechanics and Strength Outcome Comparison Between Supervised and Unsupervised Physical Therapy After Total Knee Arthroplasty: A Retrospective Study 
Nate Iverson (Ben  Myers) - Purification of the Smoothened cytosolic tail for biochemical and structural studies. 
Holden Jones (Claudia Geist) - Attitudes Towards Gender and Sexuality in Future Health Care Providers 
Wona  Kim (Jennifer Weidhaas) - Investigation of contaminants in stormwater entering Red Butte Creek from University of Utah 
Jonas Knochelmann (Rogelio Cardona-Rivera) - Computational Models of Creative AI for Text Generation 
Jack Landmesser (Scott Langenecker) - Gonadal Hormones and Addiction: Analyzing Differences in Reward Pathway Activity Between Heavy Drinkers and Controls on the Basis of Gonadal Hormones 
Andrew Larkin (Caroline Saouma) - Viability of Ruthenium-Based Catalyst for Direct Transformation of CO2 to Formate 
Alex Leavitt (Alan Kuntz) - Investigation of two styles of tendon-driven continuum robots 
Hannah Lee (Thomas King) - Experimental Regulatory Element Evolution: Investigating How Enhancers Can Become Promoters 
Sabrina Lin (Nick Witham) - Characterizing Material Properties of Artificial Muscle Fibers Composed of Linear Low Density Polyethylene 
Emily Lym (Swomitra Mohanty) - Tuberculosis Biomarker Detection with GCxGC Time of Flight System 
Zihao  Lyu (Dipayan Chaudhuri) - Identifying novel intracellular vesicles involved in ion and metabolite handling 
Marin Macfarlane (Amy McDonnell) - The Influence of Nature Images on the Neurophysiology of Attention 
Zach Mallender (Christopher Depner) - Sleep Extension and Brain Wave Power Transformation 
Matt Michaud (Heath Henninger) - Alterations in Scapulothoracic Kinematics following Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty  
Raina Miller (Moriel Zelikowsky) - The Role of the Ventral Hippocampus in Trauma-Enhanced Fear 
Quinna Nguyen (Daniel Drew) - Electrohydrodynamic Pumps for Silent, Solid-State, and Direct Electronics Cooling 
Emmanuel Onyeagba (Will  Holland) - The Role of FOXN3 in Glucagon Receptor Antagonist (GRA)-mediated cardioprotection.  
Sonia Osuna (Peter West) - Developing an Animal Model with a Hypothalamic Hamartoma and its Seizure Phenotypes from a Somatic Mutation in the Sonic Hedgehog Signaling Pathway 
Claire Park (Nicholas Frost) - How inducing hemi-spatial neglect can give us the evidence of how the spatial information is converted between different coordinate systems 
Gary Perea (Caroline Saouma) - Kinetics Studies of Reaction Between Ruthenium Metal Catalyst and H2/CO2 Gas 
Mikal Peterson (Nitin Phadnis) - Understanding chromosome pairing using hybrid drosophila chromosomes 
Julia Petheram St. Andre (Shanti Deemyad) - Raman Spectroscopy to Probe Superconducting Properties at Extreme Conditions 
Alec Phipps-Wirtz (Leif Anderson) - Microplastic Deposition In The Wasatch Range of Utah 
Alicia Quick (Amy McDonnell) - Effects of Natural and Urban Imagery on Error-Related Negativity 
Nathan Ramey (Swomitra Mohanty) - A comparison and streamlining of liquid phase and vapor phase detectors for tuberculosis biomarkers 
Kayla  Rebentisch (Jessie King Jensen) - Hashtag popularity: A content analysis of e-cigarette, cigarette, cigar, and cannabis posts on Instagram  
David Rou (Andrew Miller) - Verification of Protein Translation in Radiated and Non-Radiated Breast Tissue 
Ana Rowe (Sandy Parkinson) - Suppressors of signal switching mutations 
Ben Searle (Lauren Barth-Cohen) - Investigating Student-Instructor Interactions in a 3D IPLS Lab 
Nancy Sohlberg (Gannet  Hallar) - Links Between New Particle Formation (NPF) and Biogenic Emissions in the Southern Ocean (SO) Region 
Mitchell Spendlove (Wesley Hamilton) - Evaluation of Metrics for the Resistance of Gerrymandered Voting Districts 
Micah Spjute (Yong Lin Kong) - Characterization of 3D Printed LC Sensors on Thermoplastic Dental Aligners 
Miles Thomas (Karen Wilcox) - Epileptogenesis in a Mouse Model Using the TMEV Virus 
Emilio Trujillo (Anna Beaudin) - Cochlear Immune Response to Congenital Cytomegalovirus-associated Sensorineural Hearing Loss 
Anya Weglarz (Melissa Watt) - HIV stigma during the intrapartum period in Tanzania 
Marc Whiting (Ben  Bromley) - Operation Planet 9  
Tyler  Whitley (Frank Sachse) - The effect of altered TRPC1 expression on the development of cardiac hypertrophy  
Clara William (Genevieve Albouy) - Neural Correlates of Memory Schema Formation Across Memory Domains 
Leisina Wolfgramm (Meekyung MacMurdie) - Patterns: The Theory of Design in History 
Breanna Wong (Yong Lin Kong) - Molybdenum nanoparticles and PBTPA for Higher Resolution 3D Printed Transient Electronics 
Anna  Yarema (Jan Kubanek) - Encapsulation of neuromodulatory drug ketamine in perfluorooctylbromide core nanoparticles for targeted release via ultrasound. 
Sierra Young (Kim Korinek) - Sleep Quality & Early-Life War Exposure: An Analysis of Sleep Problems Among Vietnamese Older Adults Using Data from the Vietnam Health and Aging Study (VHAS) 
Sammi Yu (Yong Lin Kong) - Characterization and Integrated Design of Core-Shell and Biodegradable Conductive Ink  
Nik Zarandona (Nitin Phadnis) - Identification of the gene responsible for sex ratio distortion in D. pseudoobscura  


Past Awardees