Acceptance Checklist

Congratulations on your award! Review these next steps and finals forms to complete before you accept your award.

1. UROP Contract

Complete the UROP Acceptance Contract. A copy of the Spring 2018 Acceptance Contract is available online. 

2. UROP Orientation

Join us at orientation to meet the Undergraduate Research Leaders, review award requirements and procedures, program expectations, payroll information, and to meet the Office of Undergraduate Research staff. Registration is available online.

All UROP students (new and renewal) MUST attend UROP Orientation. The UROP Award will not be distributed before student attends orientation and is hired OR before the first date of class, whichever comes later. Students who attend orientation MUST be registered. Students who are not registered for orientation or arrive more than thirty minutes late may be turned away and asked to register for a later session. The only way to reserve a seat in orientation is to register and arrive on time.

3. Hiring Appointment

Sign up a hiring appointment if you don’t already have a University (campus or hospital) job. Schedule the time slot for AFTER your orientation. UROP students must be hired before they can be paid for their UROP work. Schedule a hiring appointment online or contact Katie Sexton at

The hiring process consists of three steps:

  1. ePAF Form. This University of Utah form requires contact information for you and an emergency contact. You also have the option to input additional demographic information. Information entered into this form automatically updates your information in CIS. This form will be completed before your hiring appointment based on the information you provide by signing your Acceptance Contract.
  2. I-9 Form. This US form is used for verifying the identity and employment authorization for employment in the United States. More information on this form can be found online on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services webpage.
    Review the List of Acceptable Documents online and identify either ONE valid unexpired document from List A OR ONE valid unexpired document from List B AND ONE valid unexpired document from List C to bring to your hiring appointment. This form cannot be completed without documentation.
  3. Employee Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement. This University of Utah form is required of all employees. Review and sign the student employee form online. You will need to log in to CIS to access and sign this form. This form can be completed at or before your hiring appointment.
    For more information about this form, contact Technology & Venture Commercialization at the University of Utah.