Transform Undergraduate Research Showcase

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Students in Transform, and Students mentored by Transform faculty do amazing work. We are very proud of them and had hoped to celebrate them in person.

We hope you are intrigued, moved, or even inspired to do research yourself. Be in touch!

Poster 5: BRYNN ADAMS – Queer Resilience in Action: The History of an LGBT Student Club at Brigham Young University

Poster 00: MERCEDES BROWN – Discourse of Difficulty: Trauma-Based Masculinity in Foster Care

Poster 6: LAUREN CORDOVA – Associations Between Sociodemographics, Method Choice and Discontinuation of Free Contraceptives

Poster 7: ALEXANDER HIRAI – Loss Associated with Japanese American Incarceration

Poster 8: JENNY HOBBS – Wokbe: Implicit Bias Web app Pilto

ROBERT KEANEY – Warrior Spirit Tooele Combat Sports Program

Poster 9: JOCELYNE LOPEZ – Hablemos Salud

Poster 10: VERONICA LUKASINSKI – The Impact of the Non-Fatal Strangulation Protocol in Salt Lake County on Protective Orders

Poster 11: TIYA MAHI – Performance as Solidarity

Poster 12: CHRISTINE MARTINEZ – Runnin’ Utes or Runnin’ Racism: Discourse Analysis of the University of Utah Mascot 1930-1998

Poster 13: JULIET REYNOLDS – Gay Straight Alliance Clubs, Utah Law and School Policy

Poster 14: ALEX SON – Strengthening Communities

Visual Arts 1: MANDY TRAN – Love to Resist

Poster 167: JOHNNY RODRIGUEZ – Social and Economic Factors: the Influencers of Contraceptive Effectiveness

Poster 168: JOHNNY RODRIGUEZ – Reclaiming the Sterilized Body

Poster 163: PEDRO PADILLA-MARTINEZ – What do Marijuana Arrests Look Like in Utah? Are there Racial Disparities?

Poster 178: EYLÜL YEL – Crafting Authenticity in Utah’s Distilled Spirit Industry