Visual Arts 1: Mandy Tran – Love to Resist

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Faculty mentor: Darius Bost

Artist’s Statement: Family love is often thought to be given in a particular way. In North America, we often see families show their love to one another through physical affection and words of affirmation. This project challenges norms of North American family love by exploring representations of love among Asian American families. Through a series of letters I explore representations of family love in Asian/Asian American communities in hopes of creating a space of healing for those who have experienced discrimination based on racial and gender stereotypes. I use theories of social justice, to examine Ins Choi’s 2011 play, Kim’s Convenience, about a Korean family living in Toronto, Canada, alongside my own experiences to explore the intersections of love, family, and culture. I hope as you read through these letters with an open mind and open heart that you will find your own voice to speak about your own unique expressions of family love.
With love, Mandy Tran

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