Overview of UCUR


The mission of the Utah Conference on Undergraduate Research (UCUR) is to promote undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative activity, done with the mentorship of a faculty member or others, through an annual conference. Undergraduate research has been demonstrated as one of the truly high-impact educational practices. Student presentations are welcome in all fields and disciplines from the creative and performing arts to biomedical, engineering, and social science research.


The Utah Conference on Undergraduate Research (UCUR) is modeled after the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) and organized by a committee of representatives from educational institutions across the state. The conference celebrates academic, professional, and personal achievements resulting from undergraduate research projects or creative endeavors.

Undergraduates from all disciplines are invited to apply for the conference, which provides an excellent opportunity for students to present their work in a scholarly setting to students, faculty, field specialists, and community members. Presentations may include both visual and oral displays of work in all academic disciplines, from art history to molecular biology as well as performance of creative research within the visual and performing arts.

History of UCUR Sites and Conference Chairs

2007 – University of Utah
Chairs: Joyce Kinkead (USU), Steve Roens (UofU), and Jill Baeder (UofU)

2008 – Utah Valley University
Chairs: Lori Palmer (UVU) and Nancy Davis (BYU)

2009 – Westminster College
Chairs: Tim Dolan and Carolyn Connel

2010 – Southern Utah University
Chairs: Lynn White

2011 – Weber State University
Chairs: John Cavitt, Lauren Fowler, Amy Douangdara, and Jennifer Wozab

2012 – Weber State University
NCUR hosted at Weber State University

2013 – Utah State University
Chairs: Scott Bates
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2014 – Brigham Young University
Chairs: Chadra Poulson, Gene Larson, Josh Leavitt
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2015 – Dixie State University
Chairs: Stephen Armstrong, Christine Arlotti
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2016 – University of Utah
Chairs: Rachel Hayes-Harb and Stephanie Shiver
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2017 – Utah Valley University

2018 – Southern Utah University
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2019 – Weber State University
Chairs: John Cavitt and Erin Bryner Kendall

2020 – Utah State University
Chairs: Alexa Sand and Athena Dupont
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2021 – Brigham Young University
Chairs: Larry Howell and Lynn Patten
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2022 – Dixie State University
Chair: Rico Del Sesto
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2023 – University of Utah
Chairs: Annie Isabel Fukushima, Cindy Greaves, Megan Shannahan