Oral 7: Kylie Persson – High-Throughput Production of Platelet-Like Particles

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Faculty mentor: Tara Deans

This project focuses on a novel method for producing platelet-like particles in vitro using the MEG-01 cell line. Matured and differentiated MEG-01 cells were infused through a microfluidic system and platelet-like particles were produced. We conclude that our microfluidic system produces viable platelet-like particles from MEG-01 cells and that PMA enhances CD41a expression of the particles.

Watch my research presentation below.
Questions or comments? Contact me at: u0994707@utah.edu

**This presentation will only be available on July 30th for the duration of the virtual summer symposium. If you would like access to the presentation after this date, please email tara.deans@utah.edu for more information**


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