Oral 4: Izzy Fuller, Sam Lakey, Eva Pronovost – Enhancing Education After COVID

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Faculty mentor: Cynthia Furse

Our team focused on the transition to online learning due to COVID-19. Our goal was to learn what went wrong, why, and how we could improve teaching in the future. We used a combination of student and faculty surveys, interviews with faculty, and course feedback from the U of U. We found that COVID-19 did not create problems, but rather amplified existing issues. This presentation focuses on one theme of our preliminary research, communication, including our recommendations to faculty.

Watch our research presentation below.
Questions or comments? Contact us at:
Izzy Fuller, fullerisabelj@gmail.com
Sam Lakey, u0923957@utah.edu
Eva Pronovost, evapro19@gmail.com

View our Presentation Slides HERE


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