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Session Time Poster Student Full Name Mentor Full Name Title of Research Presentation
1 9-10:30 1 Aviva Levin Michael Scarpulla Gallium Oxide
1 9-10:30 3 KC Herne Joshua Bonkowsky Prevalence of Genetic Disease in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
1 9-10:30 4 Shaelee Nielsen Brock O’Neil Rural disparities in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health among Utah prostate cancer survivors
1 9-10:30 5 AJ Holder Deirdre Caplin Evaluating the Impact of Mental Health on Pain Related- Cognitions in Pediatric Headache Patients
1 9-10:30 6 Jordyn Gagon Moriel Zelikowsky Inhibition of Prefrontal Cortex Pyramidal Neurons Alters Social Behavior in Mice
1 9-10:30 7 Wisen Ji Michael  Free Separation of Rare Earth Elements from Coal-Based Resources
1 9-10:30 8 Elena Yee Micah Drummond Effects of Macrophage Immunotherapy Treatment to Improve Muscle Recovery Following Disuse Atrophy in Aged Mice
1 9-10:30 9 Aparna Mangadu Sara Grineski Using Big Data to Estimate Prenatal Environmental Exposures
1 9-10:30 10 Adam Gaudin Ariadne Penalva Investigating Social Behavior and Memory in Danionella Translucida
1 9-10:30 11 Christian White Stavros Drakos CD38 as a Potential Therapeutic Target in End-Stage Heart Failure 
1 9-10:30 12 Alexa Rosenthal Michael Free Separation of Rare Earth Elements from Coal-Based Resources
1 9-10:30 13 Natalia Etsitty Keir  Balla  Virus Infection and Inflammation in Zebrafish
1 9-10:30 14 Alexis Lyons Katsuhiko Funai Deletion of ATG3 Protects Mice from Disuse-Induced Skeletal Muscle Atrophy
1 9-10:30 15 Abigail  Monahan Aaron  Puri Matching Synthases and Signals: Extracting and Analyzing Quorum Sensing Signals from Underexplored Proteobacteria
1 9-10:30 16 Yein  Ji Emelie  Mahdavian Representation of Depression in Film
1 9-10:30 17 Jesse Hepner Caroline Saouma Developing Mn-Based Electrocatalysts for Hydrogenation
1 9-10:30 18 Trish Luu Wenxiang Sun ABCB10 Loss Selectively Impairs CD4 T Cell Cytokine Production
1 9-10:30 19 Isaac Cao Rajeshwary Ghosh The Role of p62 in the Regulation of HIF1-Alpha in the Heart
1 9-10:30 20 Wyatt Fullmer Jacob George Bionic Sock: Conductive Thread as an Effective Electrode for Measuring Surface Electromyographic Signals
1 9-10:30 21 Seth Hall Ravi Chandran Improving battery capacity by using silicon as an anode
1 9-10:30 22 Andrew Spencer Man Hung The epidemic of adolescent e-cigarette use: Understanding how flavors, nicotine content, and marketing contribute to adolescent attitudes and health outcomes
1 9-10:30 23 Trey  Benally Lisa Joss-Moore Effects of Uteroplacental Insufficiency on a Novel Splice Variant of PPARγ in the Rat Placenta 
1 9-10:30 24 Kaelen  Harris Cynthia Burrows Investigation into Phosphorothioates 
1 9-10:30 25 Aashna Shah Martin Tristani-Firouzi Characterizing the Role of CD320 in Vitamin B12 Uptake in IPSC’s
1 9-10:30 26 Ye Zhou Benjamin Sanchez Non-invasive Diagnosis of Skin Lesions: A New Window Into Basal Cell Carcinoma
1 9-10:30 27 Morgan Adams Lauren Barth-Cohen Students’ framing when problem-solving in a think-aloud interview
1 9-10:30 28 Michael Martinez Scott Summers Role of Ceramides in Kidney Disease
1 9-10:30 29 Dylan Hutchings Trafton Drew Searching Through Memory and Space for the Effect of Repeat Search
1 9-10:30 30 Rebecca Corley Carsten Rott Breaking the Ice in Neutrino Physics: Camera Calibrations for IceCube Upgrade
1 9-10:30 31 Tori Snyder Carsten Rott Camera Hardware Tests for IceCube Upgrade
1 9-10:30 32 Steven Marz Andrey Rogachev Development of Optoadmittance Spectroscopy
1 9-10:30 33 Alice Ho Huiwen  Ji Li-Excess Rocksalt Oxides as Anodes in Li-ion batteries
1 9-10:30 34 Rachel Pereira Taylor Sparks Fluoropolymer Durability and Application in Wastewater Treatment Plants
1 9-10:30 35 Simon Alexander Jessica King Tobacco Warnings around the World: Required Colors and Languages and their Association with Smoking Rates
1 9-10:30 36 Jaden Miner Peter Armentrout Influence of C-terminus Methylation on the Dehydration and Deamidation of Protonated Asparagine-Serine
1 9-10:30 37 Maya Wagner Daniel R. Wik “X-raying” Galaxy Cluster Abell 2319: Understanding Its High Energy Components
1 9-10:30 38 Roger Woolley Matt Bettini CAR T-Cell MycTag Insertion:  A Tool for ITAM Mutant analysis on CAR T-Cell Durability
1 9-10:30 39 Bennie Martinez Katherine Baucom Dimensions of Race: Understanding the Discrepancies in Race Data Collection for Hispanic & Latinx People in America
1 9-10:30 40 Mya Coleman Annelise Poss Ceramides as Lipotoxic Mediators of NAFLD/NASH
1 9-10:30 41 Sarthak Tiwari Edward DiBella Deep Learning for Age Prediction with Diffusion MRI
1 9-10:30 42 Shannon Lamb Melissa Cortez The Automation and Manufacturing of a Medical Device that Tests Chromatic Photophobia Threshold in those with Migrainous Photophobia
1 9-10:30 43 Elizabeth Sterner Jay Mace Air Mass History of Southern Ocean Cloud Droplet Number Concentrations
1 9-10:30 44 Abraham Tekoe Jim Steenburgh Climatology of Snow to Liquid Ratio in the Central Wasatch Mountains of Northern Utah
1 9-10:30 45 Lydia Altamiranda Shiela Samson NKX2-1 controls cancer progression by limiting ERK activity
1 9-10:30 46 Rachel Compton Anandh Babu Pon Velayutham Does Dietary Strawberry Activate Brown Fat in High-Fat-Diet Fed Mice?
1 9-10:30 47 Madeika Vercella Stavros Drakos Carnitine Palmitoyltransferase (I & II) Abundance Prior to Heart Failure
1 9-10:30 48 Chloe Jones Matthew  Miller Determining Stu2’s Golden Ticket back into the Nucleus for Chromosome Segregation 
1 9-10:30 49 Kiley Hewitt Karen Eilbeck Delivering Newborn Screening Variant Results To Clinical Specialists
1 9-10:30 50 Max Austin Andrew Roberts Small molecule methods for peptide macrocyclization
1 9-10:30 51 Momina Sial Jessica King How do State Taxes on E-cigarettes Affect Recreational Usage Amongst Teens in the US?
1 9-10:30 52 Ramy Yousef Eric Pardyjak Using Low-Cost Sensors to Detect UVA
1 9-10:30 53 Isabel Chosco Aaron Quinlan Empirical characterization of internal priming in single-nucleus RNA-seq data
1 9-10:30 54 Ashley Henderson Taylor Sparks Developing Benchmark Data for Efficient Comparison of Machine Learning Models for Materials Discovery
1 9-10:30 55 Tay Stevens Isak  Goodwin Nerve Distribution in the Glans Penis Instructs Male-to-Female Gender Affirming Clitoroplasty
1 9-10:30 56 Paige Murray Krista Carlson Degradation of Polystyrene Nanoparticles by Titania Nanotube Anodes
1 9-10:30 57 Wilber Dominguez Kyle Dawson New Age of Cosmology with DESI
1 9-10:30 58 Arun Acharya Mallory  Thomas  Characterization of MONDO-A and TXNIP in Immortal Human MB135 Myoblasts. 
1 9-10:30 60 Ava Peitz Ming Hammond The Need for Speed: Improving Turn-On Kinetics of the RNA-Based Guanidine Biosensor
1 9-10:30 61 Alec Kotler Greg Ducker The Effects of Asparagine Synthetase on Cellular Metabolism across Leukemia and Liver Cancer Cells
1 9-10:30 62 Avery Wall Jack Silcox Effects of Divided Attention on False Hearing and Implications for Driving
1 9-10:30 63 Ashley  Bates Matt  Wachowiak Dopaminergic Signaling within the Olfactory Bulb 
1 9-10:30 64 Kenyon  Mitchell Julio Facelli Point Mutations In Human ACE2: Their Effect On Binding Affinity With SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein
1 9-10:30 65 Clista Galecki Joel Harris Characterizing Antibody Association with Ligands Immobilized at Supported Lipid Bilayer Interfaces
1 9-10:30 66 Rachel Maguire Mary Beth Scholand The Role of Autoimmune Panels in Interstitial lung disease
1 9-10:30 67 Sam Ringham Sarah  Franklin The Role of SMYD5 in the Development of Heart Disease
1 9-10:30 68 Christian Fielding Carol Lim Localization and Potency of p53-Bad Constructs  
1 9-10:30 69 April Radford William Anderegg Quantifying Drought Vulnerability in Major Western US Tree Species
1 9-10:30 70 Carolyn LaPrete Frederick Adler Modeling Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 Within and Between Households
1 9-10:30 71 Kyle Kazemini Samir Abdelrahman Understanding the Changes of Patients in the Intensive Care Unit: A Case Study of Sepsis and Acute Kidney Injury
1 9-10:30 72 Maddison Zollinger Nichole Link Identifying novel genes causative of human microcephaly through a Drosophila model
1 9-10:30 73 Valerie Vaca Anna Gannet Hallar Tracing 2020 Wildfires in Western U.S.
1 9-10:30 74 Manette Perez Mary  Nelson Can’t We All Just Get Along? Putting BAF Complexes on Plasmids
1 9-10:30 75 Isaac Warner Kensaku Kawamoto Decision Precision+: Enabling Lung Cancer Screening Shared Decision Making integrated with the Electronic Health Record
1 9-10:30 76 Grace Liu Ramkiran Gouripeddi Using NASA Satellite Data to Link Air Pollution and Health Outcomes
1 9-10:30 77 Matthew Laskowski Ryan Steele Deciphering the Vibrational Spectrum of Protonated Glycine Hydrates 
1 9-10:30 78 Autumn  Tsosie Lilliam Pinzon Bond Strength of Self-Adhesive Resin Cement to Sound and Caries-Affected Dentin and Enamel 
1 9-10:30 79 Tessa McNamee Shanti Deemyad Properties of Superconductivity in BaSbTeS2 using X-Ray Diffraction and Raman Spectroscopy
1 9-10:30 80 Jess Ubbelohde Jon Rainier  Synthesis of Pentacyclic Oxazole Derivative for Photochemical Probing
1 9-10:30 81 Jens  Nilson Russell Richardson Mitochondrial Respiration in Skeletal Muscle:  The Effect of Oxygen Availability
1 9-10:30 82 Derek Lawrence Jill Shea Porous Fluorapatite Scaffolding With Adipose Derived Stem Cells Bone Graft
1 9-10:30 83 Re Perry Corrine Welt Premature Follicle Loss Caused by Mutation in eIF4ENIF1
1 9-10:30 84 Kamiya Watkins Denise Allard Trout Development of a Model for Tissue-Specific, Inducible, Titratable Antigen Expression to Study T Cell Responses
1 9-10:30 85 John Kaman York Smith Reduction of Lithium-ion Battery Materials By Hydrogen for Recycling
1 9-10:30 86 Jordan  Muehlberger Djin L. Tay Adaptation of an Observational Rating System for Collaborative Communication Between Patients and Caregivers for Shared Advance Care Planning Decisions
1 9-10:30 87 Derek Anderson Samantha Steyl Surface Morphology of Zinc-doped Fluorapatite and its Effect on Biofilm Formation
1 9-10:30 88 Revi Brown J. David Symons Inhibiting Autophagy in Human Brain Microvascular Endothelial Cells Increases  Blood Brain Barrier Permeability
1 9-10:30 89 Luke Rosamond Tim Garrett Understanding the Effects of Turbulence on Falling Snowflakes
1 9-10:30 90 Sahar Kanishka James Gagnon Lineage Tracing in Zebrafish with CRISPR Prime Editing 
1 9-10:30 91 Tako Tako Elijah Bring Horvath Mechanisms of Antibiotic Resistance and Natural Product Antibiotic Discovery
1 9-10:30 92 Mary Schaelling Mahesh Chandrasekharan The Path Maker to Life or Death
1 9-10:30 93 Nereyda Martinez Ellen Leffler Evaluating P. falciparum gene essentiality using loss-of-function intolerance
1 9-10:30 94 Adamaris Martinez Anne Kirchhoff Identifying and Testing Strategies of Communicating Research Results to Participants
1 9-10:30 95 Gary  Urry  KC Brennan Studying the effects of altitude on migraine.
1 9-10:30 96 Luis Torres Jeanine Stefanucci The Influence of Feedback on Stepping Out Gap Judgments in Virtual Reality
1 9-10:30 97 Henry Ponce-Orellana Aaron Puri Methane-Oxidizing Bacterial Communities: An Understudied Source of Antibiotics
1 9-10:30 98 Jose  Herrera Tony Reyes KRT13+ cells represent a novel state in lung squamous cell carcinoma
1 9-10:30 99 Lethan Hampton Lisa Gibbs Identifying Antigens Capable of Metabolic Reprogramming in the Myeloid Lineage of Stem Cells with a Focus on Atherosclerosis
1 9-10:30 100 Sumeya Abdalla Dilru  Silva Prevention of RB Phosphorylation at Ser249 Regulates Autophagy  
2 10:30-12 1 Kaitlyn Mostoller Randy Jensen Microbubble-Aided Focused Ultrasound Non-Thermal Ablation in a Tumor Model
2 10:30-12 2 Tyria Heath Adam De Havenon American Indians/Alaska Natives and Stroke Risk Factors and Treatment in Rural and Urban Locations
2 10:30-12 3 Madison Whitekiller Dr. Dipayan Chaudhuri The Pharmacological Inhibition of the Inner Membrane Anion Channel
2 10:30-12 4 Tina Ngo Aylin Rodan Characterizing a Salt-resistant Mutant in Drosophila melanogaster
2 10:30-12 5 Caton Weinberger Lee Raby Attachment Security as a Predictor of Receptive Language Vocabulary among Children Experiencing Adversity
2 10:30-12 6 Tran Diep Taylor Sparks Descending from Stochastic Clustering Variance Regression (DiSCoVeR) Algorithm for Suggesting Unexpected New Materials
2 10:30-12 7 Charlotte  Randolph Jon  Rainier  Synthesis of VLC-PUFAs as Therapeutics for Macular Degenerative Diseases
2 10:30-12 8 Addison  Bergman Gabe Nagy High Resolution Cyclic Ion Mobility Separations of Isotopomers and Isotopologues 
2 10:30-12 9 Aric Potter Joel Harris Confocal Raman Microscopy Investigation of Long-Chain Alcohol Monolayers on n-Alkyl-Chain Functionalized Silica Surfaces 
2 10:30-12 10 Chermiqua Tsosie Elizabeth Keating Implementing a  Trauma Registry for Pediatric Injury Patients in Tanzania
2 10:30-12 11 Tanner Hoole Michael Vershinin Mechanical Properties of Microtubules as a function of temperature
2 10:30-12 12 Micah Devore Simon Fisher Metoclopramide Improves the Glucoregulatory Response to Hypoglycemia 
2 10:30-12 13 Summer Furrer Melodie Weller Cellular Localization of Hepatitis Delta Virus in Sjogren’s  Syndrome Salivary Gland Tissue
2 10:30-12 14 Dallen Calder Stavros  Drakos The Role of Adipocyte Enhancer Binding Protein 1 (AEBP1) in  Cardiac Fibrosis Progression and its Potential as a Therapeutic Target. 
2 10:30-12 15 Alison Wang Caroline Saouma Conversion of CO2 to CO Using Mn Electrocatalysts
2 10:30-12 16 Molly Griston Lauren Barth-Cohen  Students’ use of consistency checks while sensemaking in inquiry-based labs
2 10:30-12 17 Joselyn Clark Natalia Torres Targeted Disruption of the Nuclear Factor of Activated T-cells (nfatc1) Increases Atrial Fibrosis in Zebrafish
2 10:30-12 18 Natalie Flores Yelena Wu Exploring the Relationships between Family Function, Depression and Anxiety among Children of Melanoma Patients
2 10:30-12 19 Mark Paine Miguel Pereira Purification and Quantification of HIV Genomic RNA
2 10:30-12 20 Vianey Quaney Rebecca  Utz Recruiting Hispanics for a Research Study on Family Caregiving
2 10:30-12 21 Jared Zollinger Frank Sachse Remodeling of Microstructures Associated with Cardiac Excitation-Contraction Coupling and Etiology Based Effect on Heart Function in Patients with End Stage Heart Failure
2 10:30-12 22 Pear  Intasin  Mai Tran Viral tissue tropism of a picornavirus in two different zebrafish lines
2 10:30-12 23 Chantelle Yazzie Owen Chan The Efficacy of the Novel Somatostatin Receptor 2 Antagonist, ZT-01, to Restore Glucagon Secretion in Diabetic Rats. 
2 10:30-12 24 Makenzie White Jay Mace Cloud and Precipitation Property Sensitivity to Volcanic Aerosol Downstream of Marine Volcanoes
2 10:30-12 25 Liyanna Lee Marcus  Pezzolesi  Accelerating Genetic Discovery in Diabetic Kidney Disease Using ‘Big Data’ and Archived Biospecimens 
2 10:30-12 26 Jaidyn Probst Nelangi Pinto Barriers to Accurate Prenatal Ultrasound Screening for Congenital Heart Disease
2 10:30-12 27 Abena BakenRa Daniel  Chavez-Yenter Exploratory Content Analysis of Prenatal Genetic Testing of Twitter Users
2 10:30-12 28 Manuela Herrera  Daniel Mendoza Scoping Review Protocol: The relationship between Adverse Health Outcomes and Air Quality among Minority Communities .
2 10:30-12 28 Angel Valenzuela Daniel Mendoza The relationship between Adverse Health Outcomes and Air Quality among Minority Communities 
2 10:30-12 29 Nadine Gabriel John Horel Analyzing Utah Division of Air Quality Forecasts of Ozone Near the ​  Great Salt Lake during Summer 2021
2 10:30-12 30 Ashlynn Searer John Horel Impact of Lake Breezes on Ozone Concentrations Near The ​Great Salt Lake from 2015-2020
2 10:30-12 31 Salma  Rios Robert  Welsh Biological and Environmental Mechanisms of Risk and Resiliency in Brain Aging Among Ethnic Minorities
2 10:30-12 31 Jorge Jimenez Robert Welsh Biological and Environmental Mechanisms of Risk and Resiliency in Brain Aging Among Ethnic Minorities
2 10:30-12 32 Tavie Parker Makoto Kondo Effects of Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor on Human Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cell Expansion & Scalability
2 10:30-12 33 Loren Brink Steve Krueger  Wildfires: Rate of Spread Through The Lens of Models and Simulations
2 10:30-12 34 James Mineau John Lin Evaluating the Transport of CO2 in the Montane-Urban Region of Heber Valley
2 10:30-12 35 Linda Arterburn John Lin Evaluation of CO2 Emissions of Logan, Utah in Further Relation to the Cache Valley 
2 10:30-12 36 Kody Hafen Jerry Cochran Motivations for Recovery from OUD of Gestational Women
2 10:30-12 37 Awais Ahmad Owen Chan The Effect of Norepinephrine on Glutamate Release in the VMH during Hypoglycemia
2 10:30-12 38 Gisella Esparza Swomitra Mohanty mproving Detection of Tuberculosis Associated Volatile Organic Compounds in Breath via  Hierarchical Nanostructured TiO2 Sensors and Improved Analyte Transport
2 10:30-12 39 Christain Norseth Daniel Wik The Unseen: Clumping in the Outskirts of Galaxy Clusters
2 10:30-12 40 Devon Barros Binita Hona Unlocking the Mystery of Gamma-ray source TeV J2032+4130 using VERITAS data
2 10:30-12 41 Ryan  Chigogo Binita Hona Investigating the unknown gamma-ray source 3HWC J2006+341 
2 10:30-12 42 Lensky Augustin David Strayer Assessment of Nature Imagery’s Influence on Attention Restoration
2 10:30-12 42 Nicole Hoffmann David Strayer Se
2 10:30-12 43 Visakha Ho Jeffrey  Bates Biodegradable Superabsorbent Polymers
2 10:30-12 44 Mark Jareczek Gina Frey Understanding and Developing Learning Assistants (LAs) as Future STEM Leaders: Inclusion and Equity Mindset
2 10:30-12 45 Jasmine Aguilar Lopez Charles  R. Rogers Using Qualitative & Quantitative Methods to Reduce Colorectal  and Endometrial Cancer Disparities in Utah & Beyond
2 10:30-12 46 Belize Iteriteka Kristen Kwan Visualization of extracellular matrix proteins in corneal morphogenesis
2 10:30-12 47 Kalyn Fuelling Michael Simpson The Solubility of Mg in Molten Salts in Relation to Temperature for Use in Concentrating Solar Power Plants
2 10:30-12 48 Freddy Luna Luisa Whittaker-Brooks Synthesis of TaSi2P4: A Theoretical Superconductor
2 10:30-12 49 Lex Putnam Matthew  Basso A War on Many Fronts; Fighting Discrimination on the Homefront WWII Homefront Theme Study  
2 10:30-12 50 Eliza  Pace Kim Mangun High School Curriculum on Social Media and Mental Wellbeing:  Combating the Negative Effects through Education and Application
2 10:30-12 51 Addison Billion Martin Tristani-Firouzi Nuclear Factor of Activated T-Cells (nfatc1) Regulation of Atrial Genes in Zebrafish
2 10:30-12 52 Kevin Ramos Amanda Bakian Relationship Between Suicide Prevalence and Land Surface Temperatures in Utah
2 10:30-12 53 Sonresa Ochoa-Vidales Nels  Elde Evolutionary Analysis of Host-Pathogen Adaptations in MDA5
2 10:30-12 54 Shree Prakash James Gagnon CRISPR perturbation of the gene regulatory network that specifies the zebrafish mesoderm
2 10:30-12 55 Ashley Merrell Gail Zasowski Understanding the Morphologies of Milky Way Analogs
2 10:30-12 56 Jasiel Ramirez Erin Castro Criminal and Disciplinary History Questions in College Admissions: A Mixed-Methods Analysis of Hispanic Serving Institutions
2 10:30-12 57 Ryan  Gage Lisa Joss-Moore Effects of Pre- and Postnatal Growth Restriction on Expression of a Novel Splice Variant of PPAR𝛄 in Rat Lung
2 10:30-12 58 Shelby Galinat Matt Sigman Evaluating Bipyrimidines as Novel Electrophoto Reductants
2 10:30-12 59 Cherokee Bodell Joseph Yost Optimization of nuclei isolation for downstream single nuclei ATACseq and Multiome ATAC + Gene Expression
2 10:30-12 60 Faris Khan Dmitry Bedrov Computational Design of PFAS-Selective Materials for Water Purification
2 10:30-12 61 Pendeza Mulibea Adriana Coletta Factors Influencing Engagement in Hospital-Based Exercise Oncology Programs
2 10:30-12 62 Shandra Payne Valerie Vaughn The Role of Pharmacists in Antimicrobial Stewardship
2 10:30-12 63 Vincent He York Smith Extraction of Lithium From Salt Lake Brine
2 10:30-12 64 Toby McMurray Jeffrey Bates Developing a Biodegradable Pressure Sensitive Adhesive for use in Packaging
2 10:30-12 65 Chanel Van Ginkel Roseanne Warren Flash Pyrolysis of Coal Char for Sodium-Ion Batteries
2 10:30-12 66 Aruna  Dhungel Jeffery  Bates Development of biodegradable, biopolymer-based materials for use in menstrual hygiene products
2 10:30-12 67 Madison Parrot Jindrich Kopecek A Novel Antibody-Polymer-Drug-Conjugate for the Treatment of Multiple Myeloma
2 10:30-12 68 Chloe Kraft Maria Bettini Primary T Cells Transduced with Insulin Specific TCRs Have Functional TCR  Signaling Following Tetramer Stimulation
2 10:30-12 69 Deja Gaston Amanda Bakian “Testing for correlations between Toxic Release Inventory exposure and suicide prevalence in Utah using spatial analysis”
2 10:30-12 70 Clara Lindley Jennifer Ose Associations between inflammation and angiogenesis biomarkers and cancer-related distress: Results from the ColoCare Study
2 10:30-12 71 Kennedy Chastang Marshall Roedel Understanding Immunological Determinants and Outcomes in P. Falciparum-Astrocyte Interactions
2 10:30-12 72 Gladwin Bryan Labrague Ilya Zharov Functionalized Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles by Co-condensation
2 10:30-12 73 Jose Carreon-Andrade Casey Mullen How Participatory Air Quality Sensing Shapes Participants’ Exposure Experiences: Connecting Indoor Sensor Data and Participant Observations
2 10:30-12 74 Yousuf Haidari Nicola Camp Multiple Myeloma Tumor Gene Expression to Predict Clinical Outcomes
2 10:30-12 75 Nathan Friede Josh Tang Electroanalytical Characterization and Reactions of Nickel-Phosphine Complexes
2 10:30-12 76 Raven Mingo Michelle Schober Neurological Manifestations of COVID-19 in Pediatric Patients
2 10:30-12 77 Mansoor Mansoor Justin English Developing a Method of RNA Recovery Unaffected by VEGAS Mutation
2 10:30-12 78 Jaxon George Hamid Ghandehari Liposomal drug delivery in chronic rhinosinusitis
2 10:30-12 79 Jakeline Larios Corey Cunningham Investigating Mitochondrial Heterogeneity via Intracellular Organelle Contacts
2 10:30-12 80 Angela Pham Monika Lohani Suicide Ideation:  Psychological Determinants and Treatment
2 10:30-12 81 Acaysha Jones Joanna Grudziak Feasibility of collecting baseline patient-reported outcomes in emergency surgery patients in correlation to next of kin
2 10:30-12 82 Kristen Woody Martin McMahon AP-1 Regulates Integrin β3 Induction by Sustained MAPK Pathway Activation
2 10:30-12 83 Keith Clark Michael Morse The Design and Construction of a Cryo-cooled Ion Photodissociation Spectrometer (CCIPS)
2 10:30-12 84 Ashley  Evans Tim Garrett Using the Multi-Angle Snowflake Camera, MASC, to Look at Complex Snowflake Characteristics
2 10:30-12 85 Tommy Kawagoe Kawagoe Michael Morse Determination of Bond Dissociation Energies for MoC, ReN, and ReC
2 10:30-12 86 Mckay Muhlestein Natalya Kuznetsova BEREZNIKI: A Case Study of Contemporary Methods to Address Urban Shrinkage 
2 10:30-12 87 Mariah Erickson Jack Silcox The N400 and Contextual Predictions in Language Processing
2 10:30-12 88 Niwdé  Rivera Maldonado Sebastian Hoch Variations in pollution concentrations at the mouth of a tributary canyon during persistent cold-air pool conditions in Utah’s Salt Lake Valley 
2 10:30-12 90 Ryan Park Skyler Jennings The Effect of the Medial Olivocochlear Reflex on Auditory Nerve and Auditory Brainstem Potentials in Humans
2 10:30-12 91 Lauryn Banks Andrea  Ibarra  Potential role of OCA-B in lung function 
2 10:30-12 92 Alejandro Pereira Seyi Falekun Investigating the Role of a Divergent Acyl Carrier Protein in Mitochondrial Genome Dynamics in Malaria Parasites
2 10:30-12 93 Kaitlin Marler Tom Richmond Cobalt Catalyzed C-F Bond Activation
2 10:30-12 94 Wesley Beck Christian Malapit Selective electrochemical synthesis of chiral amines
2 10:30-12 95 Brian MacArthur Saveez Saffarian Purification of SARS-CoV-2 Virus-Like Particles for Cryogenic Electron Microscopy 
2 10:30-12 96 Marisol Bustos Allie Graham Investigation of Paraoxonase 1 (PON1) pseudogenization and transcriptional activity in Pinniped lineages
2 10:30-12 97 Dillon Crytser Jacob George Assistive Bionic Arm: A Powered Exoskeleton to Assist Dexterous Hand Grasps and Wrist Movements  
2 10:30-12 98 Kenny Goler Gail Zasowski Andromeda Analogs: Analyzing the Milky Way’s Strange Neighbor
2 10:30-12 99 Bianca Paulino Casey Mullen How Participatory Air Quality Sensing Shapes Participants’ Exposure Experiences:  Perceptions and Challenges of Mitigating Exposure Pre-Sensor Distribution