SPUR Faculty Application


The faculty application for summer 2018 is closed. We anticipate that the faculty application for summer 2019 will open on August 15, 2018.

If you missed the application period and are still interested in participating in SPUR 2018 as a faculty mentor, please contact Megan Shannahan at megan.shannahan@utah.edu for more information.

Program Information

SPUR 2018 will begin on May 23 and end on August 3. Students should begin research on May 24 after the SPUR Opening Reception and end on August 1. Students are expected to spend 35-40 hours per week on research and program-related activities. Students are not expected to work on University holidays (May 28, July 4, and July 24) and do not need to make those hours up (so they should expect to work a modified number of hours those weeks).

Project Parameters

You may submit a project application for 1 or 2 students (2 students will require justification). Projects should provide students with a hands-on research experience that will require 35-40 hours per week between research and program-related activities for the duration of the program. Faculty mentors must also commit to program expectations (see “Faculty Expectations” section below). Please note: if your project is selected, the information in the “Project Information” section of the application will be posted on the SPUR webpage and the OUR research database.

Application Information

The application requires the following information:

  • Your information
  • Project name
  • Applicable photo (if desired): This photo will accompany your project description listed on our website. It can be a picture of you, your research lab, undergraduate researchers in action, etc.
  • Project background: What is the research and why is it important? Please limit your response to approximately 250 words (1750 characters).
  • Student role: What would the student be working on if accepted for this project? Help the student imagine what the experience would look like for them. Please limit your response to approximately 250 words (1750 characters).
  • Student learning outcomes and benefits: How will this particular experience prepare a student for their future? Please limit your response to approximately 250 words (1750 characters).
  • Mentoring philosophy and specific mentoring activities: What kind of mentoring experience will you offer? What kind of support should the student expect from you? Please limit your response to approximately 250 words (1750 characters).
  • Number of students requested: How many students would you like to mentor for this project? Please note: selecting “2” requires justification.
  • Faculty expectations: Review and agree to program expectations.

Faculty Expectations

If your project is selected for SPUR, faculty will be held to the following expectations:

  • I understand that SPUR primarily serves University of Utah students, but students outside of the U are also welcome to apply. I may solicit applications for my project as widely as I choose.
  • I understand that I may encourage specific students to apply, but all student applications will receive equal consideration by the selection committee.
  • I will serve on the student application selection committee and will make myself available for the in-person student selection meeting during the week of February 19-23, 2018.
  • I will provide the student with a hands-on research experience as described above.
  • I will clearly describe my specific research and work expectations with the student at the beginning of the program.
  • I will be honest and straightforward with the student about their work.
  • I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that the student is certified as needed for, e.g., Human Subject Research, Animal Research, Laboratory and other Environmental Health, HIPAA, etc.
  • I will support the student in completing all programmatic aspects of SPUR, including attending bi-weekly meetings and weekly URES events, presenting at the OUR Summer Symposium, and publishing an abstract in the University of Utah Undergraduate Research Journal.
  • I will participate in SPUR activities to the extent my schedule allows (attending the opening and closing receptions, and the OUR Summer Symposium).

Contact Information

If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact Megan Shannahan at megan.shannahan@utah.edu.