SPUR 2019 Projects: Nursing

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College of Nursing

Environmental Informatics - Pediatric Research using Integrated Sensor Monitoring Systems
Kathy Sward, Associate Professor

Many pediatric and adult diseases are affected by environmental exposures; the environment is now known to have a bigger influence on health than health care services or genetics. The Utah Pediatric Research using Integrated Sensor Monitoring Systems (PRISMS) collaborators are developing a research infrastructure and biomedical informatics platform that will facilitate use of air quality sensors and other sensors as an integrated part of pediatric research studies. National programs such as the Environmental Influences on Child Health Outcomes (ECHO) project and the All of Us (Precision Medicine Initiative) are intended to examine the influence of the environment on health, and utilize sensors as part of their data collection strategy.

This SPUR project is funded by a supplement to the National Library of Medicine Training grant T15LM007124-22; Wendy Chapman (PI), Julio Facelli (co-I).

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