Undergraduate Research Scholarships

Thanks to the generous contributions of the following donors, the Office of Undergraduate Research is able to offer $1200 Undergraduate Research Scholarships to select student researchers.

Scholarship Descriptions

Award Recipients

2022-2023 RECIPIENTS

Kenzie Fleming (Aaron  Fischer) - Evaluating the Efficacy of Asynchronous Problem-Solving Teleconsultation with Teachers who Serve Rural Students with Disabilities

Erin Garzella (Tracey Lamb) - Co-infection of Malaria and Gammaherpesvirus in Mice

Nate Hooper (Dustin Williams) - Development and Analysis of Anti-biofilm Polyurethane Foam for Use in Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

Kayleigh Kirkpatrick (Kaedan O'Brien) - Faunal Analysis of Amigo 3, a Cave in Utah's House Range

Ava Peitz (Ming Hammond) - A New Technique for the Fluorescence Quantitation of 2',3'-cGAMP

Tessa Petersell (Peter Fino) - Reactive Balance in Concussion Assessments in Collegiate Athletes

Sabrina Su (Jay Kim) - Integration of a Pneumatically Actuated Microvalve Pump with in vitro Trabecular Meshwork for Ocular Research

Derrick Wong (Yong  Kong) - 3D-Printing and Characterization of Conformal Wireless LC Sensors

2021-2022 RECIPIENTS

Cloe Butler (Ana Antunes) - Beyond The Birds & The Bees: Comprehensive Sexuality Education for Immigrant and Refugee Youth

Kendal Chatard (Tim Webster) - Great Ape Genetic Load

Shaistah Din (Marissa Diener) - Cytomegalovirus education improves pregnant women's awareness and prevention behaviors

Gauri Garg (Adam DeHavenon) - Correlation of Physical Activity and Nutrition with White Matter Hyperintensity Disease

Wyatt Hudgens (Jim Curry and Juliet Carlisle) - "Representational Congruence, Constituency Groups, and Environmental Policy"

Sarah Orozco (Veronica Valdez) - Belief and Practice: How English Language Teacher's Dispositions Show Up in the Classroom

Sohyun Park (Annie Fukushima) - Marketing for Gender-Based Violence Consortium (GBVC)

Madeleine Sorenson (Rebecca Utz) - Family Caretakers: The Socio-Emotional Impacts of Caring for Loved Ones at the End-of-Life


Pooja Annigeri (Nitin Phadnis) - The identification and characterization of a second autosomal gene that works in association with Overdrive to create hybrid incompatibility within Drosophila pseudoobscura in USA D. pseudoobscura (USA) and Bogota (Bogota) D. pseudoobscura subspecies.

Abby Citterman (Jake George) - Low Frequencies Improve Intensity Discrimination for Electrocutaneous Artificial Sensory Feedback

Dillon Fehlau (Tao Gao) - Study of Magnesium Redox Flow Batteries

Lauren Hulse (Nitin Phadnis) - Identifying and Characterizing the Last Unidentified Incompatibility Gene in D. Pseudoobscura


Elle Gaudette (Peter Fino) - The Association of Dizziness with Physiological and Balance Deficits in Older Population

Heather Graham (Kim Hackford-Peer) - Literacy and Representation in the LGBTQIA+ Communities

Anika Isom (Ben Christensen) - Rheometry Analysis of Rabbit Vocal Folds for Asthma Medication

Madeline Jensen (Rose Smith) - Impact of Plant and Microbial Diversity on Nitrogen Retention in Storm-Water Green Infrastructures

Kai Pruyn (Tommaso Lenzi) - Biomechanics Analysis of the Assistance Provided by a Powered Knee Exoskeleton for Standing Up

Madeleine Sorenson (Rebecca Utz) - Live Hospice Discharge: A Critical Analysis About the Ethics of Ending Hospice Care for Terminal Patients

Zakary Wankier (Sarina Sinclair) - Use of Loadsol Devices to Assess Patient Ground Reaction Forces During Prescribed Physical Therapy from Home