Undergraduate Research Scholarships

Thanks to the generous contributions of the following donors, the Office of Undergraduate Research is able to offer $1200 Undergraduate Research Scholarships to select student researchers.

Scholarship Descriptions

Award Recipients

2019-2020 Recipients
Francis Family Foundation

Kelsey Barnick (Cagan Sekercioglu) -  Elk Habitat Fragmentation in the Wasatch Mountain Range

Amelie Bennett (Kate Mattingly) - Dancing Together: Building Empathy in Children through Movement

Elizabeth Izampuye (Akiko Kamimura) - Exploring the Relationship Between Patient Satisfaction and Expectations among Free Clinic Patients

Sheva Mozafari (Scott Langenecker) - The Quality of Life of Older Adults and Their Support Persons

Kristianna Radley (Ken Smith) - Searching for the Fountain of Ute: Birthplace and Longevity in Utah

Gus Stevens (Elena Asparouhova) - How Human-Algorithm Interactions in Equity Markets Effect Asset Pricing

Julia Vonessen (Rachel Hayes-Harb) - The relationship between listener attitudes and the comprehension of nonnative-accented speech

Michelle White (Nitin Phadnis) - A mutagenesis experiment to discover the systems of genes underlying sex-ratio chromosomal drive in Drosophila pseudoobscura

Parent Fund

Wonmi Lee (Jules Madga) - Development of a Smart Hydrogel Based Sensor for Monitoring and Preventing Opioid Overdose

Kaden Rawson (Dustin Williams) - Loading a Novel Anti-biofilm Compound into Polyurethane Foam (PU) For Use in Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT)

Rocky Mountain Power

Anna Jacobsen (Sarah Franklin) - Clarifying the role of Smyd5 in heart disease

Nicole Mortensen (Jeffrey Bates) - Molecularly Imprinted Contact Lenses for Patients with Glaucoma

Ali Palmer (Lee Raby) - Maternal Sensitivity as a predictor of infants' physiological reactivity one year later

Zahra Saifee (Krista Carlson) - Application of Calcium Phosphate Cements in Dental Pulp Capping


Danielle Beatty (Taylor Sparks) - High Entropy Alloy Development And Characterization For Use In Future Renewable Energy Applications

Leota Coyne (Mitchell Power) - Geochemistry of Sediment from Aksumite Empire on the Tigray Plateau, Ethiopia

Kaitlin Hall (Cynthia Furse) - Design of an Interstitial Microwave Applicator for 3D Printing Antennas in the Body

Marina Knysheva (Yan-Ting Shiu) - Investigating the differences of coronary artery histology between atherosclerosis patients

Alejandra Mendez (Matthew Mulvey) - Evolution of Extraintestinal Pathogenic Escherichia Coli in the Gastrointestinal (GI) Tract Over Time

Sarai Patterson (Shelley Minteer) - Design of electrode materials for improved current output of microbial fuel cells

Bianca Ruiz-Negron (Man Hung) - Using machine learning to predict all cause 30 days and 90 days hospital readmissions in patients with atrial fibrillation undergoing catheter ablation

Lindsay Rupp (Rob MacLeod) - Ventricular Pacing Depth Localization Based on Epicardial Activation Maps

Dee Foundation

Marcus Blackburn (Frank Sachse) - Using Electrical Conduction Modeling in the Heart to Investigate Mechanisms of Arrhythmogenesis
Madison Block (William Brazelton) - Differential Identification of Extremophiles in Layered Geophysical Environments

Zachary Bowser (Nitin Phadnis) - Engineering Artificial Segregation Distortion with Chromosomal Breakage

Kathryn Glaittli (Joshua Bonkowsky) - Creating a Zebrafish Model of Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease

Nam Nguyen (Christopher Reilly) - Roles of TRPV3 and TRPA1 in Wood Smoke Pneumotoxicity

Caroline Ramous (John David Symons) - Intact endothelial cell autophagy is necessary to observe training-induced vascular adaptations

Gabriella Rasmussen (Alessandra Angelucci) - Tracing Monosynaptic Cortical Circuits of Feedforward and Feedback Connections to V1 Cells that Project to V2

2018-2019 Recipients
Francis Family Foundation

Sydney Cahoon (Melissa Schaefer) - Laws and Regulations of the Primate Pet Trade in the United States

Steffi Falla (Trafton Drew) - Electrophysiological Components of Tracking Objects Through Predictable and Unpredictable Occlusion

Chelsea Li (Douglas Grossman) - Investigating Expression of CDKN2A (p16) and Inosine 5'-Monophosphate Dehydrogenase (IMPDH) in Human Nevus and Melanoma Cells and Tissue

Sherry Liao (Eunkyung (Julie) Jeon) - Comparing the Listening Effort, Working Memory, and Speech Perception of School-aged Normal Hearing Listeners and Cochlear Implant Users 

Sophie McQuinn (Tiffany Love) - The Effects of Childhood Trauma and Sex on Brain Structure 

Kira Tanghe (Jim Martin) - Don't Overestimate the Power of the Force 

Evan Tayler (Shane Macfarlan) - The Historical Demography of Baja California, Sur

Parent Fund 

Rachel Cantrell (Ryan Looper) - Synthesis of Tan1057-D Antibiotic Analog(s)

Jabob Tadje (Wayne Potts) - Effects of Infection Pooling on Virulence

2017-2018 Recipients
Francis Family Foundation

Charlotte Brickwood (Prof. Melissa Schaefer) - Comparing Behaviors of Western Lowland Gorillas [Gorilla gorilla gorilla] in Indoor and Outdoor Zoo Enclosures 

TaCara DeTevis (Prof. Leona Yi-Fan Su) - Organizational Crisis Management: Public Twitter Response Following E. coli Outbreak in Chipotle Restaurants

Chaise Edebiri (Prof. Noel Voltz) - A Storm at Southern: The Impact of Hurricane Katrina on Southern University at New Orleans

Jordin Hartley (Prof. Jennifer Watt) - A Fire History Record for Phyllis Lake Idaho, USA

Bridgett Johnson (Prof. Jared Rawlings) - Literature Review of Research in Early Childhood Music Education 

Ellie Kaiser (Prof. Tanya Flores) - Preliminary Data Collection for Corpus of Phonological Acquisition by Hispanic Hearing-impaired Children

Luciana Salmi (Prof. Elisabeth Conradt) - Study of the contribution of social support in the effects of prenatal maternal anxiety and depression exposure on newborn neurobehavior

Carly Shields (Prof. Marissa Diener) - Needs of Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Health Care Settings

Megan Tyler (Prof. Maureen Mathison) - Gamification of Biology Literacy

Parent Fund

Jazmine Hurley (Prof. Akiko Kamimura) - Evaluation of Intimate Partner Violence Curriculum in Residency Training Programs


Katy Glaittli (Prof. Joshua Bonkowsky) - Behavioral Screen for Zebrafish Model of ALD

Moriah Henning (Prof. Andrew Merryweather) - Developing 3D Printed Prosthetic Hand for Brain-Computer Interface Control

Chloe Lim (Prof. Kimberley Evason) - Serotonin effects on liver size and hepatocellular carcinoma in transgenic zebrafish

Kailee Pinney (Prof. Gabriel Bowen) - Origination of Isotopic Variance in Same-Site Birds

Ellie Rasmussen (Prof. Alessandra Angelucci) - Tracing monosynaptic cortical circuits of feedforward and feedback

Hanin Sheikh (Prof. Sarah Franklin) - The Role of Smyd1 as a Histone Methyltransferase in Heart Disease

Dee Foundation

Sullivan Howard (Prof. Akiko Kamimura) - Opioid and pain medicine use among free clinic patients

Dallin Romney (Prof. Kuenhan Park) - Efficacy of Passive Radiative Thermal Cooling Textiles for Human Application

Simran Saini (Prof. Jessica Kramer) -  Synthesizing Antifreeze Proteins Found in Nature to be used in Cryopreservation of Cells

Angela Zhu (Prof. Yelena Wu) - Sun-protection Understanding (SUN) in Schools

2016-2017 Recipients
Francis Family Foundation

Emily Brixey (Prof. Lien Shen) – The Magical Girl’s Influence on Female Empowerment

Sally Goodger (Prof. Maeera Shreiber) – The Ethics of Fairy Tale Retellings of the Holocaust in Children’s and Young Adult Literature

Tyler Herrera (Prof. James Curry) – United States House of Representatives: Understanding the Self-Executing Rule

Emma Martin (Prof. Jerry Root) – Medieval Perspectives in Religious and Secular Contexts: the Legend of Theoplilus and the Romance of the Rose

Tyler Mattinson (Prof. Paul Bernstein) – Mechanism Behind the Improvement of Visual Performance by Carotenoids

Eve Olson (Prof. Rachel Hayes-Harb) – Voice Onset Time in Arabic and English Stop Consonants

Ashma Shrestha (Prof. Elisabeth Conradt) – A Biobehavioral Approach to Measuring Emotion Dysregulation in Pregnancy

Vai Suliafu (Prof. Eric G. Poitras) – Using Mouse Cursor Coordinates to Predict the Learners’ Usefulness Rankings of Online Resources with an Intelligent Web Browser

Undergraduate Advancement

Christina Jones (Prof. Lela Graybill) – The Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood: Artist and Muse

Jace Jones (Prof. Marc Calaf) – Modeling of Vertical and Horizontal Axis Wind Tubines to Improve Efficiency 


Margaux Klingensmith (Prof. Dale Clayton) - The influence of neighbors on allopreening rates in mating pairs

Elaine Ong (Prof. Clement Chow) - Identifying genetic modifiers influencing retinal degeneration diseases

Asma Rokhaneevna (Prof. Clayton Williams) - Preparation of Single Mode Optical Fibers for Application in 3D Interferometry 

Annie Rowley (Prof. Kai Kuck) - Designing and Developing a Capnograph for Use in Developing Countries and Low-Resource Areas

Sydney Stephens (Prof. Denise Dearing) - Dietary Changes in the Chisel-Toothed Kangaroo Rat: Reflections Through Stable Isotope Analysis

Shalauna Thompson (Prof. Kevin Whitty) - Investigation of Carbon Dioxide Capture by Titanium Sorbents Using Thermogravimetric Analysis

Dee Foundation

Gemma Clark (Prof. Jennifer Weidhaas) - Effects of Temperature on Microbial Processes Influencing the Performance of Treatment Wetlands

Warren Jensen (Prof. Claudia Geist) - Expressions of Masculinity Among LDS Men

Zoe Kozlowski (Prof. Lori Gawron) - Assessing the Unmet Contraceptive Need in Homeless Women in Salt Lake City

Sarah Patterson (Prof. Danielle Endres) - Utes Nickname Research Project

2015-2016 Recipients
Francis Family Foundation

Ali Mitchell (Prof. Alison Denyer & Prof. Paul Monty Paret) - Art, Ecology and the Politics of Land Use

Ciria Alvarez (Prof. Kim Hackford-Peer) Dream Defenders-An analysis of Federal, State and Institutional Policy affecting Undocumented Students

Margaret Carlson (Prof. Akiko Kamimura) - Perceptions of Violence Against Women Among College Students in the US, Japan, India, Vietnam, and China

Parent Fund

Christie Morgan (Prof. Lindsay Gezinski) - Is There a Sex Trafficking Problem in Salt Lake County?

Shaswat Chapagain (Prof. Ravi Ranjan) - Relationship of Catheter Contact Force with Acute and Final Radiofrequency Lesion Size

Jenny Le (Prof. Pinar Bayrak-Toydemir) - Autism spectrum disorder: The development of a comprehensive approach for the molecular diagnosis of autism


LeAnn Lam (Prof. Robert Bowles) - CRISPR Genome Editing of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells for Controlled Extracellular Matrix Deposition in Tissue Engineered Intervertebral Disc

Emily Dennis (Prof. Srividya Bhashara) - Effect of HDAC Inhibition on Genome Stability

LeAundra Jeffs (Prof. William Brazelton) - Comparative Metagenomics of Serpentinization Powered Microbes

Christina Hyer (Prof. Susan Bock) - Influenza Vaccine Virus-Like Particle (VLP) Production in Trichoplusia Ni

Deanne Yugawa (Prof. Charles Murtaugh) - Determining the Effect of Sox9 Deletion in PTF1A Knockouts

Dee Foundation

Cole Richards (Prof. Keith Koper) - Physical Mineral Characteristics of Fault Zones as a Function of Distance from the Core

Colton Leavitt (Prof. Sujee Jeyapalina) - The Inherent Properties of Fluorohydroxyapatite: Decreasing Downgrowth and Infection in Percutaneous Intraosseous Implants

William Nguyen (Prof. Milind Deo) - Flow in Nanoporous Rocks

Alberto Martinez (Prof. Milind Deo) - Effect of Nanoporous Materials on Saturation Pressure in Shale Reservoirs

2014-2015 Recipients
Francis Family Foundation

Sam Katz (Prof. Michael Cottle) - Stockham: The father of digital audio recording

Erika Longino (Prof. Jose Galarza) - A sustainability master plan for navajo communities in need

Juliana Penham (Prof. Katharine Coles) - Poemage: visualization of sonic elements in poetry

Parent Fund

Micah Crapo (Prof. Jason Watson) - Honors Thesis: Behavioral transitioning and cognitive controls

Dee Foundation

Adam Whitney (Prof. Charlie Hicks-Little) - Assessing the Need for Physical Therapy Among the Homeless Population of Salt Lake City

 Joseph Fuell (Prof. Daniel Leung) - Identification and Evaluation of Antidiarrheal Drugs from Native American Herbal Remedies