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Evo-Epi Lab and the Natural History Museum of Utah

Faculty Mentor: Katharine Walter
Title: Assistant Professor
College: Medicine
School / Department: Epidemiology
Phone: (801) 587-1780

Project description

Are you interested in fungi, desert ecology, emerging infections? Join the Evo-Epi Lab and the Natural History Museum of Utah to work on the emergence of Valley fever in the American West. We have an opening for a student to work on mammal dissections, tissue preparation, and sample testing to inform our understanding of where the Valley fever fungus is now and where it will go under climate change.

Keywords: fungi, infectious disease, ecology, rodents

Student Role: Mammal dissections at the Natural History Museum of Utah, data entry to ARCTOS, the natural history museum repository, data analysis.
Student Benefits: Join an interdisciplinary research group to learn about epidemiology and disease ecology. Opportunities to connect with a broader disease ecology research community.
Project Duration: Summer: 40 hrs/week. Fall/Spring semester: 12+ hrs/week.
Opportunity Type: Research Assistant
Opportunity Location Type: In Person
Is this a paid opportunity: ToBeDetermined
Paid Description:

This is a paid research position, This is a work-study research position, Prepare a UROP proposal, Write an Honors Thesis or Senior Thesis, Earn independent study credit.

Minimum Requirements: Biology coursework, experience with data entry/management.
How To Apply: Contact Katherine Walter