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Digital Humanities Project

Faculty Mentor: Crystal Rudds
Title: Assistant Professor
College: Humanities
School / Department: English

Project description

Mapping the Projects is a digital humanities project exploring and constructing a spatial map of literary representations written by or about public housing residents. Our team is exploring questions of metadata, geographic erasure, and storytelling ethics while attempting to contribute to the cultural history of public housing in America.


Keywords: Digital humanities, literature, pedagogy

Student Role: Student will help with a digital humanities project, including writing content and story mapping, and collaborate with other undergraduate team members to produce a website and influence the trajectory of a related grant and university course. Student will have the opportunity to build out their own part of the site and influence user navigation (and course curriculum) based on research-backed recommendations. Assistance may be needed with seeking photo and document permissions from community and institutional archives for the website and associated academic book. Lesser tasks include data input, examining forms and procedures, writing queries, and tracking permissions.
Project Duration: 10-12 weeks; 5 to 10 hours a week.
Opportunity Type: Research Assistant
Opportunity Location Type: Hybrid
Is this a paid opportunity: ToBeDetermined
Paid Description:

Volunteer, This is a paid research position, Earn independent study credit.

Minimum Requirements: Strong communication skills and attention to detail.
How To Apply: Contact Crystal Rudds