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Study of Heparan Sulfate in Neurodegeneration

Faculty Mentor: Kuby Balagurunathan
Title: Professor
College: Pharmacy
School / Department: Medicinal Chemistry

Project description

Study the biological roles of heparan sulfate in neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's in vitro and in mice models. Heparan sulfate chains are sulfated polysaccharides that are known to affect various key pathological steps involved in neuronal degenerative diseases: cell surface binding of toxic proteins, internalization, propagation and inter-cellular transmission and loss of neurons/functions.

Student Role: Students are expected to work closely with the PI and a senior researcher. Students will be trained to handle animals, harvest brain tissue, animal imaging, microscope analysis, express and purify macromolecules, and perform in vitro experiments. Students are expected to summarize and document the data, present at lab meetings, write up their thesis (if selected by students), potentially attend national/international conferences and present their research findings as oral/poster presentation.
Project Duration: 2 -4 years and 15-18 hrs/week
Opportunity Type: Research Assistant
Opportunity Location Type: Hybrid
Is this a paid opportunity: ToBeDetermined
Paid Description:

This is a work-study research position, Write an Honors Thesis or Senior Thesis.

Minimum Requirements: Undergraduate student majoring in chemistry/biochemistry and biology (cell/molecular biology)
How To Apply: Contact Kuby Balagurunathan