OUR Programs Partnership

The Office of Undergraduate Research is pleased to announce the creation of the OUR Programs Partnership. Beginning in 2017, OUR convened the Summer Programs Partnership. To grow opportunities for faculty, staff, and undergraduate researchers to learn about opportunities and potential cross campus collaborations, OUR will convene research teams across the university working with undergraduate researchers 4 times a year as the OUR Programs Partnership.

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Our next meeting will be held June 1, 10:00 AM MT, on Zoom.

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An OUR Program Partner is:

  • Funded internally or externally to conduct research
  • Collaborates with undergraduate researchers
  • Encourages a team-oriented research process (team may include faculty, staff, and students)

Benefits of becoming an OUR Program Partner:

  • Share knowledge and resources
  • Foster an academic infrastructure that supports undergraduate research
  • Create visibility for research opportunities and programming
  • Support research teams as they endeavor to create transformative undergraduate experiences through research