Volunteer Research Assistant

Faculty Name:
Jonathan Skirko


Faculty College:


Project Description:

The project seeks to measure the improvement after a variety of sleep surgical procedures in children. Children with sleep apnea often are recommended wearing a mask to help their airway but few tolerate this device. We perform a variety of surgeries to improve the airway but the results haven’t been reported in the literature. This project would be a retrospective chart review. Several related projects are available.

Opportunity Type:


Student Role:

Review medical records; record information in a RedCap database; Modify RedCap database as needed; help with data analysis and drafting the manuscript for submission.

Student Benefits:

Knowledge, experience and mentorship in clinical research; Improved understanding of sleep apnea in children; authorship

Project Duration:

Until Complete; Flexible on hours per week. Goal of >2-4 hours

Minimum Requirements:

interest in clinical research