Volunteer position in Neuroscience

Faculty Name:
Naveen Nagarajan

Human Genetics

Faculty College:


Project Description:

I am looking for highly motivated, talented Bioengineering or Biomedical engineering students who could volunteer and be interested in pursuing optogenetics, Two-photon imaging technology, large scale electrical recordings in awake behaving mice, Wireless optogenetics, Wireless telemetry, Patch-clamp technology and Imaging, a highly specialized field that combines Cellular and Systems Neuroscience at multiple levels. I have two positions available for this research direction that integrates Optogenetics and behavior

Opportunity Type:


Student Role:

Students will be part of entire experiment including data acquisition and analysis

Student Benefits:

It is a unique opportunity for integrating engineering approaches to latest Neuroscience technologies like Optogenetics and in vivo imaging in mouse models of OCD and Autism

Project Duration:

The experiments require that the students spend 20 hrs per week in the lab. The lab remains opened 24/7. Students will experience first hand data acquisition and data analysis

Minimum Requirements:

1. Student require to work for 20 hours 2. Students should commit to lab for atleast 1 year or more