Urban Pollinator specimen collection

Mentor Name:
Sarah Hinners

Mentor Position:
Research Assistant Professor

City & Metropolitan Planning

Architecture + Planning


Project Description:

This is an ongoing project monitoring pollinator diversity at an urban landscape revitalization site on campus called the Landscape Lab. We’ve been collecting baseline data prior to project construction, and now post-construction, to see whether pollinators increase in diversity and abundance with the new landscape design. We have a partnership with the Utah Museum of Natural History to collect, store, and database insect pollinator specimens.

Opportunity Type:

Volunteer; Prepare a UROP proposal; Write an Honors Thesis or Senior Thesis

Student Role:

The student helps collect insect specimens in the field, pin and ID them in the lab, and enter them into the museum's database. Opportunity to analyze data and report findings.

Student Benefits:

Learn a lot about urban pollinator ecology, how to identify bees, contribute to a museum collection and an awesome campus project!

Project Duration:

Up to 2 semesters, 10 hours per week.

Minimum Requirements:

Strong interest in biodiversity/ecology, attention to detail, organizational skills. Steady hands.