Urban Ecology: Water use of alternative groundcover species in the Red Butte Garden

Mentor Name:
Diane Pataki

Mentor Position:




Project Description:

This is a study of the evapotranspiration of ground cover plant species that are proposed as alternatives to turfgrass lawns. The project involves analyzing data previously collected at Red Butte Gardens. Some additional field work at Red Butte will probably be needed. The results will be used to determine which species require less water for irrigation than turfgrass, and will inform water conservation policies and practices.

Opportunity Type:

Prepare a UROP proposal; Write an Honors Thesis or Senior Thesis; Earn independent study credit

Student Role:

The student will help pose research questions and develop and execute a plan to analyze the data, including measurements of evapotranspiration and statistical analysis.

Student Benefits:

Gain experience with data analysis and programming in R, gain experience doing fieldwork in an urban setting, learn about plant water relations and urban plant ecology.

Project Duration:

Fall semester with potential to move into the spring semester; Students will work around 10 hours a week

Minimum Requirements:

Student should have some background in biology, have interest in working with data, and be excited to help out in the field.