Understanding the Role of Photobodies – Molecular Cell Biology, Genetics, and Developmental Biology Lab

Mentor Name:
Chan Yul Yoo

Mentor Position:
Assistant Professor




Project Description:

Our lab studies fundamental functions of photobodies in plants. Photobodies are photoreceptor-containing biomolecular condensates that sense light and function as eyes of plants. Their phase separation behaviors in the nucleus send anterograde signals to organelles such as chloroplast to control greening life of plants. We aim to identify molecular and cellular mechanisms by which photobodies control biogenesis of chloroplasts using molecular biology, cell biology, and genetic approaches. For more information, please visit the lab’s website at chanyulyoolab.org.

Opportunity Type:

IN PERSON - Volunteer; Prepare a UROP proposal; Write an Honors Thesis or Senior Thesis; Earn independent study credit

Student Role:

Students will be actively involved in molecular biology & genetics experiments (DNA/RNA extraction, PCR genotyping, molecular cloning, etc.) using plant, bacteria, yeast.

Student Benefits:

hands-on training for molecular biology techniques used in most labs (human, animal, plant, etc.). Gain knowledge/experience on Genetics&Cell Biology. Develop project/proposal

Project Duration:

10~15 hrs/week. minimum one semester with extension to develop independent project.

Minimum Requirements:

A passion for science and biology! basic biology background is preferred! If you like studying plants, that's even better!