Understanding the Relationship between Oppression and Violence

Mentor Name:
Chris Linder

Mentor Position:
Associate Professor

Educational Leadership & Policy



Project Description:

We seek to use scholarship to inform practice to eradicate dating and sexual violence (DSV) among college students. You will identify a section of the literature, read articles published in the last 10 years, and synthesize the information in to a format usable for people working to address DSV among college students. Potential topics include DSV among specific minoritized populations (e.g., LGBT students, students of color, students with disabilities), reviews of educational programs, analysis of campus policies, etc.

Opportunity Type:

Prepare a UROP proposal, Earn independent study credit

Student Role:

Students will read and synthesize articles and develop informational materials for a educational resources website

Student Benefits:

students will learn about systematic reviews of the literature as well as strategies for using scholarship to inform practice and engaging in public scholarship

Project Duration:

Spring Semester 2022; 10 hours/week

Minimum Requirements:

independent AND collaborative worker; openness to learning new ways of approaching DSV; critical, power-conscious perspective (there is nothing neutral about this topic!)