Understanding Discrimination Towards People Experiencing Homelessness

Mentor Name:
Sarah Canham

Mentor Position:
Associate Professor


Social Work


Project Description:

The objective for this project is to identify the ways in which persons experiencing homelessness have been stigmatized and discriminated against, the results of these experiences, and interventions that have been used to reduce stigma and discrimination. Using a scoping review methodology, we will review peer-reviewed literature related to the study objective and then organize workshops to report/verify findings to/with community partners.

Opportunity Type:

Volunteer; Write an Honors Thesis or Senior Thesis

Student Role:

Conduct reviews of the peer-reviewed literature for relevance to research question; Write summaries of review findings; Support workshop data collection/transcription

Student Benefits:

Students will learn collection and analytic skills while working with a team of scholars and community partners on identifying solutions for marginalized community members

Project Duration:

Project duration: 8-12 months. Minimum of 5 hours/week and up to 10 hours/week

Minimum Requirements:

Critical thinking skills, Highly communicative, Interest in developing academic writing skills, Interest in working with communities of persons experiencing homelessness