Undergraduate Research Assistant in Fish Behavior

Faculty Name:
Adam Douglass

Neurobiology & Anatomy

Faculty College:


Project Description:

The Douglass lab is developing a new fish model for systems neuroscience and behavior. The fish, Danionella translucida, are unique in being among the smallest vertebrates in the world and remaining amenable to optical techniques for imaging and manipulating neuronal activity into adulthood. The project seeks to establish techniques for breeding the animals, quantifying their behaviors, and manipulating their genomes.

Opportunity Type:

This is a paid research position

Student Role:

The student will perform behavioral experiments, assist in caring for the fish colony, and will be responsible for weekend feedings (~30 min on Saturday and Sunday).

Student Benefits:

Experience in neuroscience, fish biology, and an essential role in the development of a new model organism. Possibility of continuing as an undergraduate thesis student.

Project Duration:

10 hr per week. The project will continue minimally through August 2017.

Minimum Requirements:

Some lab experience or coursework in neuroscience are required. Experience or coursework in programming, molecular biology, or fish biology a plus.