Translational Research Support

Faculty Name:
Jeremiah Alt


Faculty College:


Project Description:

Our research program is a unique, truly translational bedside-bench-bedside program that is involved in improving treatment outcomes for our patients in rhinology and skull base surgery. This consists of three large arms, including clinical outcomes research, translational research, and more basic science investigations. Within each arm there are multiple projects going on. Broadly – we are examining the relationship between inflammatory markers in the sinuses and clinical measures of CRS disease severity.

Opportunity Type:

Volunteer; Independent study credit; Help prepare UROP proposal; This is a paid research position

Student Role:

Will be involved in enrolling and collecting surgical specimens. Depending on the level of experience, specific projects within the basic science lab are available.

Student Benefits:

Students will have the opportunity to be exposed and contribute to a vibrant clinical/translational research program on both the clinical and basic science side.

Project Duration:

Flexible depending on course load.

Minimum Requirements:

Intrinsically motivated students interested in gaining more insight into clinical translational research.