The Utah Pair Project on New Dating Relationships

Faculty Name:
Samantha Joel


Faculty College:
Social & Behavioral Science


Project Description:

Our lab is about to launch a large-scale study on how initial romantic attraction progresses into a long-term partnership. We will be recruiting people in brand new dating relationships and following them over a two-year period.

Opportunity Type:

Volunteer; Prepare a UROP proposal; Write an Honors Thesis; Earn independent study credit

Student Role:

Tasks can include contacting participants, conducting lab sessions, scheduling follow-ups, coding couple interactions, and monitoring study progression.

Student Benefits:

This is a great opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience working on an in-depth longitudinal research study.

Project Duration:

Minimum time commitment is eight hours per week for at least one full semester.

Minimum Requirements:

Conscientiousness and enthusiasm for relationship science.