The Science of Eyewitness Identification

Faculty Name:
Joanne Yaffe

Social Work

Faculty College:
Social Work


Project Description:

I am looking for 1 to 2 students this year to assist in examining existing research studies. We are conducting a comprehensive review of research on the science of eyewitness identification so that we can learn what we know and what we don’t know.

Opportunity Type:

Student Role:

Students will learn to read studies, extract data from them, and enter data into a database. They will help analyze the findings and help to author peer-reviewed articles.

Student Benefits:

Work on a really important project with important social justice implications, hang out with faculty and graduate students to think creatively, and possibly publish!

Project Duration:

This project is funded until December 2019. Students can work from 4 to 10 hours per week, but funding will not be initially available.

Minimum Requirements:

Students need to understand some basic issues of social research, so introductory research methods in social work, psychology, sociology or other social/behavioral research.