The Ellis Lab (Psychology) is looking for research assistants for a project examining skills in at-risk youth

Faculty Name:
Bruce Ellis


Faculty College:
Social & Behavioral Science


Project Description:

Research shows that children who experience poverty or inequality while growing up have poorer health, learning, and academic outcomes. Rather than focusing on what’s wrong with these children, the current project aims to identify the strengths that youth can develop in response to challenging circumstances. Specifically, this project will: (1) identify the challenges that children face in high-adversity environments; and (2) determine what cognitive skills they are likely to develop in response.

Opportunity Type:

Prepare a UROP proposal; Write an Honors Thesis; Earn independent study credit

Student Role:

Research assistants will travel to Boys and Girls Clubs of Salt Lake to interview youth (ages 13-19) about their experiences and administer tests of their cognitive skills.

Student Benefits:

Students will gain research experience, in addition to experience interviewing youth from diverse backgrounds. Students may also receive course credit hours.

Project Duration:

We are seeking research assistants for the Spring 2018 semester, with potential involvement during Summer and/or Fall 2018, for an average of 9 hours per week.

Minimum Requirements:

Must have afternoon availability and willing to work an average of 9 hours/week during Spring 2018. Must be able to travel by car. Preferred GPA: 3.4 or higher.